Access To Gym

During addiction recovery, having the proper resources to get your body healthy is imperative. You not only need to eat the right amounts and types of foods, but you also need to be able to get your body healthy through exercise and meditation. At Her House, we provide many different ways of being able to make this happen. Not only do you have help with the nutritional aspect of getting clean and sober, but we also give you access to a gym to help you get your body back in shape.

Access to Gym

Getting Healthy While Getting Clean

  • Getting Healthy While Getting Clean Giving you something that can work as a new habit, replacing the old habit of using
  • Helps get your body back in shape after the damage that your body endured during addiction
  • Gives you a way to keep your stress under control, helping prevent a future relapse
  • Improves the function of your body as a whole, giving you a greater ability to rid your body of any leftover toxins due to your addiction
“Much in the way Olympic athletes optimize their game by paying an enormous - borderline maniacal - amount of attention to things like diet, exercise, sleep, and of course the essential R&R, we all would do well to pay more attention to those key aspects of our lives that comprise our overall health equation.” – David Agus

Working out during your addiction recovery allows you to get your body back on track at the same time that you are getting your life back on track. Allow Her House to be there alongside you during this phase of your life, and cheer you on. We will help you safely exercise, without doing too much, too soon, and teach you how to listen to your body. These tools will serve you well, both at Her House, and in life!

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