Elderly Treatment

Elderly TreatmentMany people believe that drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and other similar matters are things that plague only the young. They seem to think that once you hit the age of 40, if you’ve never struggled with any of these things, then you probably never will.

Sadly, this is not the truth. The elderly population is not immune from the ravages of drug and alcohol abuse: roughly 1 out of every 6 people over the age of 65 will regularly abuse drugs in one manner or another. Further, when it comes to conditions such as depression, the elderly may actually be at a higher risk than their younger counterparts.

Treating the Elderly

Although the epidemic of drug abuse knows no age limit, the approach to treatment will vary depending on the age of the addict. A younger person, for example, most likely has a significant family network upon which they may rely for support and encouragement. In contrast, many elderly addicts have outlived their families and friends, a situation which may in fact add to their emotional issues—which in turn can lead to more drug abuse.

Other ways that elderly addicts vary from younger ones may include:

  • Health considerations. Drugs are bad for you at any age, but when you are younger your body is better able to recover from the stresses of a drug habit.
  • Economic considerations. Elderly people are often looking at a fixed income for the rest of their lives no matter what they do; in contrast, younger people may be motivated to beat their drug habits, at least in part, by considering the things they can do with their lives once they have done so.
  • Outlook on life in general. Younger addicts may often be open to reasoning along the lines of how great their lives will be once they beat their addiction.  Elderly addicts, on the other hand, may feel that they have nothing to look forward to regardless of whether they use drugs or not; as a result, they may be more resistant to suggestions that it would be better for them if they stopped using.

Given the disparate outlooks on life between young addicts and elderly ones, sometimes the best way to approach the latter is to help them to see that while you cannot turn back time, you can certainly do something today that will improve tomorrow:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese proverb

We Are Here for You

Here at New Creation Treatment, we welcome the elderly who may be fighting an addiction. We are here to help women of all ages, in fact, and we work hard to develop a plan that will assist each and every addict who comes through our doors.

While nobody can guarantee anything in today’s world—least of all when it comes to treating an elderly addict—we believe that we are more than capable of helping all those who come to us for assistance.

If you are an elderly drug user, please do not think that you have to fight this alone. Please don’t think that nobody cares about you, or about your situation. We are here, and we care very much. We would love to help you fight this, and we believe that together we can win this battle.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” – Robert Collier

You may feel that the task in front of you is insurmountable. You may feel like you have gone too far. We disagree: one step at a time is the way you got here, and one step at a time is the way you’ll get back.

Take the first step: call us today.

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