Drug Detox Treatment

Women are special beings that require special care and handling. If the women in your life – your mother, your sister, your daughter, your girlfriend, or your wife – happen to suffer from the consuming disease of drug addiction, New Creation offers detox for women, specially designed to meet their specific and sensitive needs.

The Benefits of an Exclusive Drug Detox for Women

Drug Detox ProgramsMost often, the root cause of drug addiction in women is sexual and physical abuse. Therefore, seeking drug addiction treatment exclusively for women is preferred by many. Furthermore, women generally find it easier to comfortably discuss deep and sensitive personal matters with fellow women who are in similar shoes. Her House offers just that kind of environment, where women who are suffering from drug addiction can be appropriately and sensitively treated individually and as a group. Here are the many benefits of choosing Her House, the best detox for women.

A women-only rehab provides an integrated method of treatment sensitive to the particular needs of women. Most women addicted to drugs usually have co-occurring mental health issues, the treatment of which should be incorporated into their individual rehabilitation treatment plan. They are also disproportionately affected by gender-specific causes of mental disorders, such as:

  • Gender-based abuse
  • Poor socioeconomic status
  • Below-average income, as well as gender-based salary inequality
  • Being unremittingly responsible in caring for other people (siblings, spouse, children, and grandchildren)

Victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence are mostly women, simultaneously rendering them as the biggest collective group to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Unfortunately, due to shame, women typically suppress their emotions and show reluctance in disclosing abuse and violence as the actual cause of their drug addiction and/or co-occurring mental health disorder.

Recognizing this, we are not at all surprised when female patients have dual or multiple diagnoses. The mental healthcare providers at New Creation make it a point to look beyond a patient’s external symptoms and more deeply into the root cause of her addiction. By addressing the root cause, the external symptoms will gradually disappear.

“There’s not a drug on earth that can make your life meaningful.” - Sara Hane

We understand that recovery is a very personal progression requiring patients to be open and vulnerable. Or rehab and detox for women focuses on gender-specific issues, including responsible motherhood versus drug addiction, eating disorders, poor self-image, low self-esteem and bullying, coping with physical, sexual or verbal abuse, and dealing with the pain and sorrow of losing a spouse or a child. Most women find that such highly sensitive topics can be more comfortably and honestly discussed in the absence of men, who may have been the cause of their drug addiction in the very first place. They are most comfortable in the presence of fellow women who share the same afflictions. This all-girls set-up creates a safer and more secure atmosphere, in which speaking out, asking questions, and sharing their deepest, most sensitive and most personal issues are made possible.

Aside from patients being able to enjoy the camaraderie in a same-sex rehab facility, studies have actually shown that success rates in completing treatment in a single-gender setting are higher.

The principle of a women-only rehab is similar to that of monkhood: to focus and to avoid unnecessary distractions. Monks focus on attaining a higher spiritual platform while all-girls rehab patients focus on sobriety and recovery. Either way, relationships with the opposite sex are voluntarily restricted or limited for a higher purpose.

In a women-only rehab, being supported, inspired and empowered by fellow recovering women, as well as having someone to openly talk to and share personal issues with, are priceless. This type of setting also allows for the forming and development of close relationships between women; the special bonds formed usually lasting an entire lifetime.

Addicts usually suffer from isolation due to their drug dependence, and/or abusive and restrictive situations. In other words, they unfortunately don’t have the privilege of having a regular support system from fellow women in a casual setting. A facility that offers drug detox for women provides such disadvantaged women the chance to develop empathic friendship, which serves as encouragement and inspiration towards complete and successful recovery.

What to Expect From Our Drug Detox Programs

The objective of our drug detox for women is for patients to be healed physiologically, following long-term drug abuse and dependence. The first step in drug detox is to stabilize patients, and the second is to detoxify them.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states that once a patient’s condition stabilizes, emphasis should be shifted to the careful monitoring of the complex bodily processes as they start readapting to a drug-free system. The agonizing withdrawal symptoms can only be safely and effectively managed with professional assistance. Detoxifying on your own or “going cold turkey” is never recommended as it is very dangerous and can ultimately be fatal.

“I am not defined by my relapses, but my decision to remain in recovery despite them.” – Recovery Experts

You should also understand that whatever type of drug you may be addicted to; detox is not the full in itself. It is but a significant part of a well-structured system designed to gradually and successfully eliminate drug dependence. Drug addiction is not limited to the physical aspect of a patient. This disease also has tremendous negative effects on her psychological well-being. Even after cleansing the body of drugs, overpowering cravings and other withdrawal symptoms may still afflict the patient in the long run. Therefore, we make sure to follow up the initial detoxification process with post-detox therapy that focuses on handling temptations and avoiding relapses.

Types of Drug Detox

At New Creation, we make sure that each patient will be prescribed the appropriate detox type according to the initial assessment and recommendation by our licensed medical staff.

The Outpatient Detox Program

Although rarely recommended, this type is for addiction with less severity. Outpatient care typically involves regularly checking in with the rehab staff, as well as prescription medicine to help deal with agonizing withdrawal symptoms. This proves to be very helpful to less severely addicted patients who are tied to responsibilities in the home or work scene, or do not have the money to afford residential rehab facilities.

The Inpatient Detox Program

Inpatient or residential detoxification is recommended for patients whose addictions are severe. This type is critical in helping patients steer clear of relapses. Rehab facilities also have medical care staff that is always on stand-by in case of emergencies.

Offering only the best detox for women, Her House could assist you or your loved ones toward a new and brighter chapter in your life.

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