Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs

An increasing number of people from all walks of life – regardless of age, gender, and cultural background – are being affected by drug and alcohol addiction.   Although the demographics are quite variable, all of these individual and different people share one thing in common: they are in dire need of support and professional assistance through drug and alcohol rehab.

“One small crack does not mean that you are broken, it means that you were put to the test and you didn’t fall apart.” – Linda Poindexter

With high hopes of reaching out and delivering therapeutic aid to mothers, daughters, wives, and sisters who are fighting tooth and nail against the destructive disease of addiction, Her House offers drug and alcohol treatment for women.

New Creation’s Principles of Treatment

Through our women’s rehab centers, women alcoholics and addicts can once again be able to normally function on a daily basis.  This basically means:

  • Being employed or productive in one way or another.
  • Being capable of sustaining healthy relationships.
  • Being responsible in avoiding brushes with the law.
  • Leading a fuller, more meaningful and drug-free life.

herhouses_treatment_programsDrug and alcohol treatment programs have the primary purpose of breaking the ugly cycle of compulsively seeking drugs and experiencing the damaging consequences that result from such uncontrollable behavior.  The recurring nature of drug and alcohol abuse issues requires sensitive and attentive care, plus lots of patience in exploring various approaches and methods of treatment, all for successful recovery and lasting sobriety.

Women’s drug treatment will vary on a case-to-case basis, depending on each patient’s unique histories, backgrounds, and needs, as well as the response they demonstrate to certain treatment approaches.  While some patients can recover through brief outpatient treatment programs, others may be required to undergo intensive inpatient treatment and stay at addiction treatment centers for women.

At New Creation Treatment, our addiction treatment specialists initially assess and evaluate a patient before prescribing an appropriate recommendation for treatment. Being seasoned and experienced in this field, they are able to provide a sound and accurate drug and alcohol treatment plan designed specifically for each patient’s individual needs.

What makes New Creation Treatment stand out from other addiction treatment centers is the sensitivity, empathy, and compassion of its professional medical staff.  You can rest assured that New Creation Treatment can provide a safe, comfortable and rehabilitative haven for mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives afflicted with the disease of addiction.
There’s nothing more heart-wrenching than seeing the people you love destroy themselves one bottle at a time.  If there are women in your life who are struggling with alcohol addiction, New Creation Treatment centers for women could be the solution.
A Dual Diagnosis is when a patient has co-occurring addiction and mental health issues to address, such as depression and alcoholism or PTSD and cocaine addiction.  Modern behavioral health facilities universally focus on the importance of treating all parts of a dual diagnosis together; this helps patients make a complete recovery and arms them to fight addiction and mental disorders following treatment.
Mental Health issues such as depression, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, PTSD and others affect millions of women in America and worldwide.  New Creation Treatment offers specialized treatment programs which will help you get the help you need to get past them.  It’s not an easy step, but it just might be the most important one you will ever take.
Detox is not something to be feared.  It will not be easy, but it is the essential first stage in recovery.  By assenting to this primary alcohol and drug rehab requirement, you are one step closer to successful recovery, sobriety, health, and happiness.
Drugs have never solved and can never solve your problems, your loneliness, emptiness, or purposelessness.  What they have always done and will always do is destroy you physically, psychologically and socially.  Our all women’s treatment centers can provide you a drug-free, happy, healthy life.
New Creation women’s addiction treatment center focuses on various holistic and integrated approaches, acknowledging that addiction is a treatable disease.  Giving up alcohol is never easy, but with a little help from the experts and support from other women who have “been there and done that,” it is achievable.
Understanding that women are prone to suffer from co-occurring mental health issues aside from their alcohol or drug addiction, New Creation Treatment makes use of sub-acute detox.  This is method makes use of therapy, counseling, and medication for more effective detoxification.

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