There’s nothing more important to us than seeing our patients’ progress. And our first and foremost step in securing success in recovery is a proper assessment. Appreciating its importance in appropriately designing a treatment plan for each individual patient, and so New Creation Treatment makes sure that this essential process is conducted only by trained and qualified professional staff.

What is an Assessment?

Fundamentally, this process determines and defines the nature of a case so that we can specifically develop and recommend a treatment plan to fittingly address the problem. Assessment includes:

  • The collection of vital information through the medical and psychiatric evaluation with a patient, which can significantly provide us a glimpse into a patient’s enthusiasm and willingness to be rehabilitated, her major areas of concern as well as her strengths, and additional disabilities, mental health disorders and other co-occurring diagnoses.
  • A series of assessment tools is used for examining how grave and how severe the effects of drug abuse could be on a patient’s life. This may include psychological, cognitive, brain wellness, pharmacogenetics, and toxicology testing.
  • Organization and interpretation of the collected data and results are then conducted by our qualified specialists for a more accurate clinical diagnosis. While the administration and scoring of screenings can be conducted even by staff that is not sufficiently trained for these specific purposes, we believe that placement decisions and treatment plans are better and safer when made by professionals.

The members of our assessment staff are highly trained on counseling techniques, as well as on sensitive and attentive listening in order to build rapport with patients.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

The Importance of Assessment in Creating a Treatment Plan

At New Creation Treatment, we believe in getting at the root cause of the problem. Through proper assessment, we could be able to address the underlying reasons for your addiction. But for us to make progress, we need to work hand in hand. Your cooperation and honesty will bring us closer to our common goals: sobriety, health, wellness, peace, and happiness.

Medical Evaluation
As healthcare professionals, we make sure that thorough and accurate medical evaluation is conducted only by trained and qualified staff. Assessment and evaluation is a sensitive process in making sound placement decisions and more accurate treatment plans unique to each individual patient.
Psychological Testing
Before we implement a method of treatment, we make sure that a patient is properly assessed and evaluated. Our psychologists could help in determining co-occurring mental disorders underlying your addiction, as well as help you in overcoming your weaknesses and boosting your strengths.
Brain Wellness
Drugs destroy your brain. It is basically owing to damage in certain areas of the brain that you continue to compulsively crave for drugs, even when you already know that they’re destructive. At New Creation Treatment, we could help restore your brain wellness as a means to successful rehabilitation.
Cognitive Testing
Appreciating how drugs can dramatically destroy the brain, one of our main focuses at Her House is cognitive testing and assessment of our patients. Allow us to help you so that any drug-related impairment in your cognitive abilities could possibly be reversed.
Cognitive Retraining
New Creation Treatment adapts Cognitive Training in our healing and recovery process. Together, we could help each other out in reestablishing and restoring your loved one’s memory and attention, as well as her organizational, problem-solving, reasoning and decision-making skills that have been impaired by drug abuse.
Toxicology Testing
Most drug addicts use more than one type of drug. And almost half the time, most addicts refuse to disclose what particular drug or drugs they are addicted to. Through toxicology testing, we can help you determine what your loved one is reluctant to admit, and thus better help her recover.

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