Inpatient Drug Rehab

While the number of women who are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction is still statistically lower than men, the observable effects are even more heart-wrenching in women.

  • Otherwise loving and nurturing mothers become negligent of their household duties and responsibilities, and inadvertently causing harm children when drunk or high.
  • Lowered inhibitions and worsened decision making when under the influence of drugs or alcohol makes women with addiction issues more susceptible to unwanted pregnancies.
  • Alcohol and drug use have been proved time and again to greatly damage unborn children and cause complications with pregnancies.
  • Codependencies and enabling behavior come with the territory.

Residential Rehab Treatment CenterSuch graphic descriptions may be cold and harsh, but they are meant to wake you up to the bitter reality caused by drugs and alcohol, which cloud judgment and decision-making, and wreak havoc in the household and in society.

If you have family members or friends suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, New Creation Treatment offers both inpatient drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehab, providing exhaustive treatment and therapy to make women happier, healthier, and more productive.

What’s Inside Our Residential Rehab Center

New Creation Treatment serves as a safe, positive and supportive haven for women, sensitively designed to aid and assist them towards progress and recovery. Our inpatient rehab center provides women the opportunity to relate and connect with other women dealing with the same issues. Inside, patients receive a multifaceted method of treatment and rehabilitation without unnecessarily hampering their natural tendency to socialize and interact. Patients generally develop a sense of sisterhood and camaraderie, bonds which further encourage and inspire them for a more successful recovery.

“Women instinctually know how to nourish each other, and just being with each other is restorative.” ― Tanja Taaljard

While each treatment plan is designed after careful consideration of the unique and individual needs of each patient, here is the general coverage of the program.

  • Includes a 24-hour medical staff on standby.
  • Provides a safe and professional medical approach to drug detox, which can be very difficult when withdrawal symptoms kick in.
  • Implements psychiatric evaluation on a regular basis. Based on studies, women alcoholics and addicts tend to suffer from co-occurring mental and behavioral disorders.  We intend to treat not just their addiction, but, more importantly, the deeper psychological issues that surround that addiction.
  • Provides individual, group and family therapy sessions.
  • Physical, emotional, and spiritual focus.
  • Gives crucial education on overcoming temptations and preventing relapses.

You can expect to stay with us for 30 days to start. You can also expect that our relationship with you will not simply end when your residential stay ends. We will continue following up with you on a regular basis, even long after you have completed our inpatient program. We believe that follow-ups are crucial in successful recovery and prevention of relapses.

The Difference between Residential Rehab Centers and Outpatient Programs
Fundamentally, inpatient and outpatient programs share the same goals as well as the basic methods of treatment. Their main difference is the intensity of the program. Our professional medical staff will see to it that you are properly assessed before prescribing either an outpatient or inpatient treatment plan.

For women with drug and alcohol addiction of less severity, an outpatient patient will suffice. This simply refers to rehabilitative treatment at home, while regularly visiting our clinic for counseling and therapy sessions.

Inpatient treatment is highly necessary for severe cases of addiction.

An inpatient rehab program is recommended for women who suffer from:

  • A long-standing drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Other mental health disorders and behavioral issues.

In comparison with other mix-gendered inpatient alcohol rehab centers and inpatient drug rehab centers, New Creation Treatment is specially designed exclusively for women who wish to make a significant difference in their lifestyle and in their lives in general.

“Entering therapy was like entering a world of love and compassion. It felt comforting to finally interact with someone who would be with me in my darkness, listen to me and reach out to the part of me who wanted to live.” - Hedda Riktor

Why Choose a Professionally Assisted Rehab Program over “Going Cold Turkey?”
The difference between the professional approach and a DIY attempt is like night and day. Going cold turkey or attempting to detox your body of drugs on your own is dangerous. The withdrawal symptoms can be extremely painful and so overpowering that addicts frequently relapse when trying to quit without help.

There is a correct medical process for conquering drugs, which has been tried, tested and proven safe and effective. Especially if you’ve been drug-dependent for too long already, a long term inpatient drug rehab is the path that you should definitely pursue. It doesn’t make you any weaker by honestly admitting your need for help. In fact, it makes you an even stronger woman.

At Her House, it is rest assured that the rehabilitation process is medically assisted and supervised, with extra sensitive consideration for women’s unique nature.

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