Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics AnonymousAccording to statistics, the number of people suffering from drug dependency has been decreasing over the past decade. In 2002, about 18. 1 million Americans can be classified as addicts. In 2013, this number has dropped to only 6.6% of the population or about 17.3 million U.S. residents.

While the decreasing substance abuse trend is certainly good news, there remains a treatment gap across the country. On average more than 22 million people need treatment for issues surrounding drugs or alcohol. Only 2.5 million or 0.9% of the total number gets the therapy and medication they need and of the 2.5 million, only 30% are women.

A common misconception is that substance abuse treatment is an expensive affair. Especially for homemakers with children to take care of and no income of their own, going to a rehabilitation is just not an option. Unbeknownst to many drug abusers, there are support groups like Narcotics Anonymous that provide the support they need to start their life anew.

What is Narcotics Anonymous?

“It’s not recovery that is painful; our resistance to it is what hurts.” ― Narcotics Anonymous, Living Clean: The Journey Continues

Narcotics Anonymous or NA is a non-profit organization of men and women who seek support in their battle against drug dependency. Narcotics Anonymous is known for holding regular meetings in which members can share their experiences with substance abuse with the intention of helping each other prevent relapse and stay clean.

Narcotics Anonymous was initially established in the shadows of Alcoholics Anonymous. The first Narcotics Anonymous meeting was held in Los Angeles, California in the early 1950s. At present, 63,000 NA meetings are held in 132 countries across the globe.

How can one be a member of Narcotics Anonymous?

Narcotics Anonymous welcomes all addicts, regardless of age, gender, race, religion or class. NA Membership is free for all substance abusers. The organization only requires its members to have the desire to stop using drugs and to commit to abstaining.

What are the Narcotics Anonymous core values?

  • Anonymity – Narcotics Anonymous provides its members a safe space in which they could share their experiences with drugs and alcohol.  Each participant can freely express their experiences and opinions without the fear of legal repercussions.  Needless to say, members are encouraged to refrain from identifying their NA colleagues.  They cannot disclose an NA members’ name or any personality traits or circumstances that would easily reveal their identities.
  • Abstinence – All Narcotics Anonymous members are encouraged to try to completely abstain from using drugs and alcohol.  NA provides a program that would be best accomplished through abstinence.  However, NA does not adhere to any rules regarding the consumption of caffeine, nicotine or sugar.  Moreover, prescribed medication for medical or psychiatric conditions is not prohibited by the organization.
  • Meetings – Narcotics Anonymous is known for the organization’s weekly meetings.  These meetings can take place in public or in private venues rented by each group.  There are two types of NA meetings – open and closed.  Anyone can attend open NA meetings.  On the other hand, only substance abusers can participate in closed meetings.
  • Nonsectarian – The organization is not affiliated with any religious sect.  It aims to provide individuals with the tools they need in order to attain individual acceptance.
  • Community – NA meetings are designed in order to provide addicts a space to reach out to other addicts in order to seek or provide help and support.  At its core, Narcotics Anonymous believes in the power of recovering addicts helping recovering addicts.
“By keeping an open mind, sooner or later, we find the help we need.” ― Narcotics Anonymous

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