Addiction Treatment for Adolescents

Addiction Treatment for AdolescentsA family with a member who is a drug addict is already a devastating situation to be in, and when it directly involves an adolescent, the severity of the tragedy is increased. Since teens are more vulnerable to this malady, it is imperative for parents to consider the best addiction treatment for adolescents that they can find.

Many families often overlook the degree by which their adolescents can be affected by illegal drugs. The increasing availability of illegal drugs such as marijuana and MDMA (ecstasy) and the prevalence of abuse of prescription drugs such as Oxycontin or Adderall means teenagers are at great risk for abuse or even addiction.

But whatever situation you may be in, if you have a teen who is saddled with this problem, there is a program that will be appropriate at New Creation Treatment that can successfully treat the addiction.

Basics of Drug Rehab Programs for Adolescents

Adolescent treatment, as the word implies, is a program of drug rehab specifically designed for teenagers. At this stage in their lives, teens are faced with a lot of challenges that most adults could easily handle.

Treating adolescents who are addicted to drugs is basically accomplished in two ways:

  • A drug rehab program that allows the adolescent to continue studying in school – Depending on the severity of the addiction problem, our treatment center permits the teenager to continue her studies, such as outpatient treatment.  This type of program strives to combine the center’s treatment with his normal schooling.  Most parents would prefer this program since education is important to the teen, however it may not always be the best plan for her.  For instance, not all teens are the same.  Some may be able to handle extra duties, while others may not be able to perform multitasking that is associated with this program.  But for those who can, this option is a powerful incentive to get out of the addiction, continuing her education.
  • Addiction treatment for adolescents – There are teens that will not be able to handle two tasks at the same time.  Overcoming the addiction and continuing her studies can overwhelm the mind of the teen.  If this is the case with your teen, she is better off concentrating on overcoming the addiction first. addicts but on an attenuated degree.
“According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the first use of alcohol typically begins at age 12.” – Xavier Becerra

Expect a Personal Plan

New Creation Treatment programs are effective because of the special attentiveness we provide our adolescent patients. Our addiction treatment for adolescents is different from that of adults because of the increased level of sensitivity that our therapists and counselors provide the teens under their care.

In their interventions, our staff members always consider that your teen is

  • Still growing
  • Still learning about personal responsibility
  • Inexperienced in life
  • An individual, with unique needs

That is why we only use specially qualified therapists and counselors who are trained in these areas in our addiction treatment for adolescents.

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