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Drug Rehab

Rehab is the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism. The goal of rehab is to help people, for whom drugs have become a problem, get clean and live a life free from the chains of addiction. Rehab offers a safe and secure environment for men, women, and adolescents to get sober. Rehab aims to give people the tools to use that can help keep them clean after the process of rehabilitation has ended.

“One of the things that's often forgotten about drug rehabilitation, it's not a destiny, It's a journey.” - Peter Hobson

Addiction is a disease. Addiction affects people of all genders, races, financial status, ages, sexuality, and backgrounds. The important thing concerning addiction is not why or how one has it – it is getting help for it!

You could be asking yourself, “What is the difference between abuse and addiction?” The difference is abuse is centered on the way a person uses the substance. This includes the method of use, how much used, and how is the drug obtained. Addiction is defined as not only the way a person uses but also physiological and psychological effects the drugs have on the body. Abuse and addiction are two serious problems. Rehab can treat both abuse and addiction.

If you have a mental or physical disability, rehab could also be highly beneficial for you. Disabilities and rehab, for those who have them, focus on recovery from addiction as well as co-occurring issues.

When you research best drug rehab centers, we believe New Creation Treatment should be at the top of the list. We employ leading experts in the field of addiction and mental health disorders. Our facility is located on beautiful and peaceful grounds. We believe in treating addiction through various means of therapy techniques and introducing models of recovery that have had great success.

We offer completely confidential services. Our team is made up of outstanding and compassionate professionals who have a collective goal of helping you recover.
Explore some of the treatment programs that we have available at our rehab!

Rehab Treatment for Women
Rehab treatment for women exclusively focuses on women who have a drug problem. Our rehab treatment for women only specializes in the unique challenges that women face throughout their addiction and early recovery.
Addiction Treatment for Adolescents
Adolescents who have drug problems can benefit from seeking treatment specifically for their age group. Treatment for adolescents is tailored for where they are in terms of brain development. Adolescents suffer from addiction just as much as their adult counterparts. We believe in treating the disease as early as possible. This can give the addict a better chance of a successful recovery.
Residential Rehab Treatment Center
Residential treatment is the process of entering into rehab for a certain amount of time. The average length of stay is 28 days, however, some programs could be longer. Residential treatment is a great time to focus on yourself and your recovery. Residential treatment incorporates different therapies and methods of recovery for the clients.
PHP Treatment Center
Partial hospitalization programs are medically supervised. These programs offer intense therapeutic solutions and structured clinical services. This program addresses the problems of addiction in a setting outside of residential treatment.
IOP Treatment
Intensive outpatient treatment is a support program for the treatment of addiction. Clients come to this type of treatment on an outpatient basis, usually 2-4 times per week. Outpatient is primarily incorporated as a “step down” after completing residential rehab. Sometimes outpatient treatment is used without having attended inpatient first. Outpatient treatment is also considered only after the need for a detoxification process has ended.
Narcotics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous is a way of life-based on twelve steps for recovery. Many people have had proven success adopting the twelve step model as a basis for a way of life. Narcotics Anonymous is a fellowship of members who help each other stay clean on a daily basis.

Is Addiction A Brain Disease?

Addiction changes the way the brain works and the structure of the brain. Many people falsely believe that addiction is a matter of choice. Once addiction strikes, the addict has lost the power of choice.

People often pick up that first drink or drug due to peer pressure or curiosity. There is no real way to know if an addiction will take place once someone starts consuming substances. In simple terms, addiction is defined by a chronic and relapsing brain disorder. Treatment at our rehab center focuses on treating all aspects of the disease of addiction.

Those who suffer from addiction can often feel isolated, ashamed, and terrified. Getting help is the way out! You do not have to feel any of these feelings for one second longer.

“What is addiction, really? It is a sign, a signal, a symptom of distress. It is a language that tells us about a plight that must be understood.” – Alice Miller

Treatment can replace those negative feelings with connectedness, self-confidence, and peace. Many people who have an addiction problem get help every day. You are worthy and valuable of the gift of total sobriety.

Call us today and speak to someone on our team about which type of treatment could be right for you. Our intake counselors are compassionate and understanding. You will never feel judged when you call us for help. Our goal is your wellness and healing.

We look forward to helping you succeed!

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