Opiate Addiction Treatment

Opiate TreatmentYear after year, the number of people seeking opiate addiction treatment is continuously increasing. Due to these prevailing conditions, you really have to arm yourself with knowledge about opiate treatment for women. In this way, you can help yourself, or someone you know who is fighting her addiction to opiates or other drugs, as well as any mental health issues which may be co-occurring. New Creation Treatment is a gender-specific treatment facility for opiate addiction which focuses on mind, body, and spirit in helping women overcome addictions.

Why Opiates Are Dangerous

Opiate is a general term for addictive drugs and substances. The most well-known of these are heroin and OxyContin. But opiates are not limited to just these two. They also include:

  • Oxycodone
  • Methadone
  • Buprenorphine
  • Morphine
  • Vicodin
  • Percocet
  • Codeine

Each of them is derived from opium, harvested from the seeds of the poppy plant.

They are dangerous because of their addictive influence, which results in negative health effects on their users.

When you abuse these drugs, they unload endorphins into your body. There are times that the amount of delivered endorphins is one hundred times more that the amount that your body could normally produce. This adversely affects your brain cells as well as your nerves.

When your system is flooded with endorphins through opiate abuse, you will become used to pleasurable sensations, but you will find it harder and harder to create those same sensations; this is known as tolerance. Increased tolerance means increased dosage, and in addition to the exponential risk for overdose, it also means the addiction can become physically, emotionally, and even fiscally overwhelming.

“He was depressed. He was addicted to heroin. And I think there comes a time when all the beauty in the world just isn’t enough.” - Antony John

Eventually, you won’t be able to produce the required endorphins that will make you happy, and you will be forced to get your highs by ingesting more drugs. The cycle will repeat itself until you become a total wreck.

If you are used opiate, it is now time for you to consider the opiate treatment program offered at Her House. Of all the treatment centers for opiate addiction, this facility offers one of the most effective opiate addiction treatment for women.

A study conducted by the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry revealed that drug addicts are able to survive up to ten times the amount of drugs in their system. This only proves that your body is able to constantly change with your drug addiction.

That means, your heightened tolerance will not produce euphoria with lower dosages of the drug. Therefore, in order to feel “normal,” you have to ingest increasing amounts of the opiate.

“I had someone at the Houston police station shoot me with heroin so I could do a story about it. The experience was a special kind of hell. I came out understanding full well how one could be addicted to 'smack,' and quickly.” – Dan Rather

Treatment for Opiate Addiction

You should not lose hope because there is an effective treatment program at New Creation Treatment that will be specially designed for you by its mental health professionals. This opiate abuse treatment center will do its best to help you overcome your opiate addiction and live a normal life for as long as you live.

New Creation Treatment can heal you in two ways:

  • As an In-House patient – where you will be admitted to their facility and enjoy the medical and mental expertise of its physicians and psychiatrists or psychologists.
  • As an Outpatient – where you will be allowed to stay in your home and be provided with the corresponding opiate treatments by Her House and therapies in a family setting.

In both cases, you will be provided with medical treatments such as detox and mental treatments such as counseling and therapies that are designed to help you overcome your addiction.

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