Family Program

All in the Family

When one member of a family is dealing with an addiction, the rest of the family suffers as well. Our lives are intimately connected with those of our loved ones.

It’s normal for a family member to try and “save” the addict in the family when they see the devastating effects on the addict’s emotions, livelihood, and health. The thought is good and pure, but it can result in codependency and enabling – allowing or even helping the addict to continue their unhealthy life choices.

Her House offers a specialized family therapy program which supports the families of our clients through their own personal journal of addiction recovery.

Looking at the real issues

The causes of drug addiction and alcoholism are heavily debated. Some believe it’s partly genetic, others believe it’s more circumstantial, and others link it to psychological causes. Our family therapy isn’t about working out where to lay blame, it’s about looking at the events that led up to the individual’s addiction and what’s allowing it to continue.


Drugs affect both the mind and body. It’s often apparent to everyone around the addict that the substance abuse is taking its toll; however, denial can be a strong force. The user themselves may not see it without help. New Creation Treatment educates our clients about the ravaging effects of drug use.

If their loved ones aren’t informed either, ignorance can be dangerous. This is particularly true in the cases of legal drugs and easily available drugs such as alcohol and prescription medication. We endeavor to teach everyone who takes part in our family therapy to understand the psychology of what their family member is experiencing. The understanding and support of the family and loved ones helps recovery immeasurably.

Family Program

Recognizing codependency

Enabling or codependent behavior is a pattern many families find themselves slipping into when one family member is an addict. It’s understandable, they are just trying to help. Enabling behavior can include giving someone money, covering up their habit, justifying their behavior to others or even committing crimes or lying to authorities for the addict.

Family Therapy

New Creation Family therapy programs encourages the whole family circle to engage in talk therapy together, and change the way they interact with the recovering addict for the better.

How support can continue

The period right after discharge from a treatment is a crucial one for long-term recovery. Family members need to know what’s expected of them, and what they should avoid. It’s easy to fall back into old behavior patterns, which hurts the chances for recovery.

Ultimately, the codependent relationship must change, and our therapy can guide family members through this change so they’re constantly informed and feel in control.

Is our family therapy right for you?

Support from the patient’s family is an enormous asset for someone recovering from addiction. It’s an extremely trying time in any person’s life, and support from a loving family is key to success.

Our family therapy is ideal for:

  • Spouses and partners
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Friends
  • Children
  • Guardians and influential figures

To fully support your family member as they fight their addiction, it’s a real benefit to engage with family therapy and learn about their addiction, whether there have been previous codependency issues or not. Our therapy sessions are conducted in a safe and welcoming environment, a forum for anyone to discuss the impact addiction has had on their life.

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