Alcohol Abuse Or Alcoholism

At New Creation Treatment, we make it a point to give a correct diagnosis of your alcohol problem so that a more accurate treatment plan can be designed for your individual and specific case. Read on and find out the difference between alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

What Is The Difference Between Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism?

Alcohol abuse is a behavioral issue that afflicts roughly 27% of Americans, while alcoholism is an addiction disease that plagues around 8% of the population. Understanding and appreciating the distinction between the two is critical for recovery success.

In alcohol abuse, the patient is still capable of setting limits on their alcohol consumption. However, while they are not physically dependent on alcohol, they can still pose a threat to themselves and to those around them.

Alcoholism, also called alcohol dependence (or addiction) and alcohol use disorder (AUD), is more serious, since it carries all the symptoms associated with alcohol abuse, plus the addiction.

The Dangers of Alcohol Abuse in Women

Roughly 11% of women have been reported to include binge drinking sessions as part of their regular routine, which translates to three times on a monthly basis and with an average of 5 drinks for each binge session.

In women, alcohol use is usually a liberating outlet for the accumulated stress, anxiety, and frustration, as well as self-medication for depression and other emotional struggles. Since this drinking habit is basically seen as necessary, overcoming it can be challenging. Nonetheless, it can be overcome with a dose of determination and a little help from the experts.

``When everything seems like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top.`` - Anonymous

If you observe your wife, daughter or mother to be alcohol abusers, it would truly help if you refer them to New Creation Treatment ASAP, a rehab center exclusively for women. Otherwise, these women in your life might end up suffering from the following:

  • Frequent neglect of duties and responsibilities due to drunkenness or a hangover.
  • Poor judgment and decision-making, which includes placing them in physical danger. These manifest when they: Drink and drive. Drink and operate machinery. Go against doctor’s advice and mix alcohol with prescription drugs.
  • Legal problems.
  • Relationship problems due to poor and indecent behavior when drunk.
  • Unwanted pregnancy, as well as health risks surrounding the fetus.
  • Physical health issues such as breast cancer, and heart and liver damage.

The Dangers of Women Alcoholism

Although the amount women drink is normally relatively lower than that of men, their unique physiologies have a different reaction to alcohol. In other words, if a man and a woman consume exactly the same amount of alcohol each, the effects on the woman’s health is more pronounced. This is basically due to the following physical differences:

  • Women tend to have lower body weight than men.
  • A woman’s body also holds less water than a man’s. Since alcohol stays mainly in body water, a woman’s body has lower alcohol tolerance and is more prone to serious health risks associated with heavy and regular drinking.

Since alcoholism also covers alcohol abuse, alcoholic women will face the very same symptoms of alcohol abuse as well as of alcohol addiction. Therefore, it is imperative that you seek professional medical intervention and assistance immediately for whatever type of drinking problem.

Rehab for Women

Whether it is alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction, New Creation Treatment could help you regain control of your life.

``Recovery from addiction requires hard work, a proper attitude and learning skills to stay sober, not drinking alcohol or using other drugs. Successful drug recovery or alcohol recovery involves changing attitudes, acquiring knowledge, and developing skills to meet the many challenges of sobriety.`` - Dennis Daley, Ph.D.

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