Alcoholism Impact On Family

``If we have Al-anon, there is no need to stand in our own light and try to solve our problems in darkness. The ways and means that Al-anon offers have lighted the way for so many thousands of despairing people that no one can question their power. ``When I am faced with a problem that seems impossible to solve when I feel trapped in a situation and can see no way out, let me ask myself whether I am standing in my own light. I must find the vantage point where I can most clearly see my difficulty as it is; then answers will come.`` - (One Day At a Time in Al-Anon, pg.297)

There is a saying concerning the disease of alcoholism in families – One person may drink, however, alcoholism’s effects on the family are great.

Many people who have an addiction to alcohol want to believe that their addiction is only hurting themselves. However, deep down they know that’s not true. It is hard to admit when drinking is causing problems in the home.

Alcoholism’s Impact on FamilyAs women, we cherish our families and want nothing but the best for them. It is important to realize that alcoholism is a disease. It is a disease just like cancer and diabetes are diseases. No one sets out to become an alcoholic and if you could stop drinking on your own, you would.

At New Creation Treatment, we are not here to shame you or guilt you about having the disease of alcoholism. We are here to help you recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. At New Creation Treatment, we also focus on the entire family system and the recovery of everyone who has been affected by alcoholism.

We offer treatment services for the whole family, which include family therapy, support groups, and helping family members get connected to networks outside of our rehab that help families understand the disease of addiction and offer them methods of their own recovery.

“The first gift a newcomer receives from contact with Al-Anon is hope. Seeing how other rise above their problems, listening to situations worse than their own, absorbing the atmosphere of love and goodwill, send them home with a new lease on life.” - (One Day At a Time in Al-Anon, pg. 94)

The Effects of Alcoholism on Families

These are some common effects that take place inside the household of an alcoholic:

  • Living with fear
  • Enabling
  • Hypervigilance
  • Isolation
  • Sadness
  • Intense irritability
  • Low self-worth
“When the guilt of the alcoholic explodes, I must realize that it is always aimed at those nearest, and often dearest. I want to remind myself that such outbursts only reveal the drinker’s own unhappiness. I will not make the situation worse by taking seriously, what the alcoholic says at such times. - (One Day At a Time in Al-Anon, pg. 55)

Alcoholic families are in dire need of treatment for the whole family. Recovery can begin with any one of the family members choosing to get help. Alcoholism and family help is available and there is hope for a brighter tomorrow!

Alcoholism affects family relationships and family dynamics. Recovery for each individual affects the entire family in a positive way. Our staff is highly trained in treating the disease of alcoholism in all its aspects.

Alcohol’s effects on a family can be a thing of the past when recovery is sought. Many women have found a way out for themselves by living a life alcohol-free, one day at a time. Family members of alcoholics have found their own solutions to living a life free from the chains of another person’s addiction.

We employ proven therapeutic, medical, and spiritual methods of treatment for families and sufferers of alcohol addiction. Our services are completely confidential. We offer a safe place for families to work out their issues and learn new and healthier approaches to dealing with each other.

If you have an alcohol addiction or are a family member of someone who has a drinking problem, we encourage to call us today to discuss treatment options at our facility. Our staff understands how scary it can be to reach out for help. We will guide and nurture you and your family through every step of the recovery process.

“How can I best help the alcoholic? By not interfering when he gets into difficulties. I must detach myself from his shortcoming, neither making up for them nor criticizing them. Let me learn to play my own role, and leave his to him. If he fails in it, the failure is not mine, no matter what others may think or say about it.” - One Day At a Time in Al-Anon, pg. 29)

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