Alcoholic Drinking Self Assessment

Alcoholic Drinking Self Assessment

Have you ever considered that you might be drinking just a little too much? Taking an alcohol self-assessment test can help you get a good idea if that is accurate or not. Sometimes it takes seeing things from a different point of view for you to truly see what is going on, which is more possible with an alcoholism self-assessment than by just looking at your life through sober eyes. If any of these questions ring true to you, then you may want to come to New Creation Treatment and let us help you with your alcohol issues.

“Here's to alcohol, the rose colored glasses of life.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Do you find yourself wishing more opportunities came up to where you could drink on a much more regular basis?
  • Have you ever had the goal of giving up alcohol for a week or more, and only been able to make it a day or two before you had to have a drink?
  • Has drinking caused issues within your life over the last 12 months? (relationship issues, calling in sick to work or losing your job, getting a ticket or being arrested, etc.)
  • Have you ever blacked out after drinking and not been able to remember what happened during that time?
  • Do you have the feeling that your life would be improved if alcohol was not a part of your life?
  • Have things in your life been altered to accommodate your drinking? (such as taking a new route home from work so you can get more alcohol)

New Creation Treatment is set up to help you with alcohol problems. If you notice that you struggled with the truth when answering the questions on this alcohol self-assessment, don’t feel bad. You are not alone. Call New Creation Treatment today, and let us help you get your life back on track, without alcoholism in tow.

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