Networking Events

Networking is important, no matter what field you are in. The same goes for us here at New Creation Treatment. We want to make sure we network with as many people as possible, to ensure that we are always providing the best possible care for each of the women who pass through our programs. Having a wide network of people who can help, make problem-solving something much easier to confront and face, and it gives us the ability to do more when an unusual circumstance arises.

``Suffering has been stronger than all other teaching and has taught me to understand what your heart used to be. I have been bent and broken, but – I hope – into a better shape.” – Charles Dickens

The Many Ways We Network

We take networking very seriously, so we make sure to network in as many ways as possible. We offer events like:

  • Walks that current and former residents at Her House can participate in
  • Luncheons that bring speakers in from around the world
  • Dinners that allow for our current and former residents to talk, and it brings hope to the current residents about how life can feel after treatment
  • Motivational speakers that come in and talk with the residents and the staff to help provide new insight as to how we can best help each person we work with

Networking EventsThe more connections we have when it comes to providing quality and effective care to the women of New Creation Treatment, the better their futures are bound to be. We care for each woman on a unique basis and do everything we can to help give them the best chances of a successful future. If we find a roadblock that we cannot get through on our own, we reach out to our network and come up with solutions that are as unique as the women we are helping. Come join up with our next Networking Event, and see just how many people you can add to your network.

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