Prado House Treatment Center

jacho_sealThe Prado house in Colton, California introduces a calm and welcoming setting for female patients suffering from addiction and mental health issues to take their next step for a healthier and sober life. We work hard, using our extensive backgrounds in the field of addiction treatment for women, to help each of our patients and their families improve their lives.

Our Facility

Just outside Los Angeles, our facility is nestled in the gorgeous Southern California locale. While undergoing treatment and experiencing addiction withdrawal symptoms, it can be very difficult for the client to focus. Sometimes, clients can feel extremely vulnerable. To counteract this, our rehabilitation center and sober living community offer fully furnished homes with features such as onsite chefs and modern gym access in a serene setting.

Personal, Individualized Detox Plans and Rehabilitation Programs

At our Prado recovery facility, you will be able to work with us to design a treatment plan just for you. We can help you detox, enter inpatient treatment, manage your recovery after discharge, and more. In addition, they have a full residential treatment program offering four phases, continuing care treatments and detox treatment plans. The recovery facility also offers intensive outpatient care for patients who’ve finished the full residential treatment. We also offer a sober living facility, encouraging patients to continue applying the lessons learned in intensive treatment, to rebuild their strength and stay on the lifelong path to recovery.

Clinically Supervised Treatment Programs

At Prado House in Colton, we offer clinically supervised treatment plans for our patients and their families. Some of these rehab programs can be customized based on the client’s needs and the severity of the clients’ addiction. Regular medical attention, therapeutic and 12-step programs, and health assessments are only small parts of the treatment offered.

Where is Prado House?

23950 Prado Lane
Colton, CA 92324 USA

Open: 24 Hours
Phone: 909-295-7812

Insurances Accepted