McCarty House Treatment Center

If you or a loved one is suffering from the disease of addiction, we are glad you have found us. The McCarty house specializes in helping those with substance abuse issues enter recovery.

We are located just 57 short miles east of Los Angeles. We offer a peaceful and serene setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city so that our clients can enjoy natural beauty while receiving treatment.

Addiction is a disease of the mind, body, and spirit. This disease takes over every aspect of our lives. This tortuous disease also gravely affects our families. Healing begins with us at McCarty House. Our staff is filled with caring and compassionate experts in the field of addiction & recovery.

Our services are 100% confidential. We make every effort to ensure your safety and comfortability throughout the time you choose to spend with us. Our programs consist of proven methods of helping people overcome addiction.

We treat all of our clients on a holistic level. This means our multidisciplinary team of professionals works together to formulate a treatment plan based on your unique personality, needs, and goals. We take a look at the underlying issues and effects of addiction. We offer specialized therapy and solution-focused techniques to uncover what we can do to best help you.

“If those underlying conditions aren't treated, the return of those symptoms may cause us so much discomfort that we'll go back to using addictive drugs or alcohol to obtain relief. That's the primary reason there is such a high rate of relapse among people who have become dependent on alcohol and addictive drugs. It has little to do with alcohol and addiction themselves and almost everything to do with the original causes that created the dependency.” ― Chris Prentiss, The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure

There is no judgement at McCarty House. We understand that addiction is truly a disease. No one plans on or aspires to have an addiction problem. This is the same for people who develop cancer or diabetes, no one asked for it – however, there is treatment available. We take the disease concept very seriously at McCarty House. Our goal is to help you learn how to live a clean and serene life, one day at a time.

The support that you receive at McCarty House does not stop on the day you discharge.

“Forgive your past because it the vehicle through your process and from this point forward, your life is made of 100% future; Caterpillars always look up despite having no wings... and butterflies don't waste time crying over the legs they lost or dwelling on the ground.” ― Johnnie Dent Jr.

Addiction is a lonely and scary road. Recovery at McCarty house is about connection and peace. If you are suffering from this disease, you do not have to live in this despair any longer.

When you choose any one of the superb programs that McCarty House offers for recovery, you are choosing life and happiness! Recovery is possible.

When you are in the midst of addiction it can feel like there is no way out. Many addicts cannot imagine a life without drugs. Let us show you how you can live free from the chains of addiction.

“I heard someone say once that many of us only seem able to find heaven by backing away from hell. And while the place that I've arrived at in my life may not precisely be everyone's idea of heavenly, I could swear sometimes -- I hear angels sing.” ― Carrie Fisher

Where is McCarty House?

2511 McCarty Drive
Colton, CA 92324 USA

Open: 24 Hours
Phone: 909-726-5876

Insurances Accepted