Encanto House Treatment Center

Asking for help with an addiction to alcohol or drugs is a very difficult one; many women find it hard to admit there is a problem, let alone show vulnerability by asking for help. But very few people can overcome addictions without assistance. A recovering addict may need assistance finding an appropriate treatment facility or entering an effective twelve-step program, or even a sober living facility to meet her needs. These homes can be very helpful in transitioning back into an independent life free of substance dependency. Encanto House, part of New Creation Treatment’s program for women, is proud to offer options for women who want treatment in a welcoming, positive environment.

Our Program

If you’re ready to get help to return to a sober life, Encanto House can help. Our customized treatment plans are here to provide structured, empathetic treatment for people ready to take the steps toward sobriety. Individuals participating in these programs must be willing to participate in counseling and twelve-step programs. Random drug testing and housekeeping chores are mandatory, helping recovering individuals to re-establish healthy routines and responsibilities. Encanto House offers medical treatment, counseling, transportation, and sober living in a clean and safe environment.

Encanto House Treatment Center is a nationally-recognized, accredited substance abuse treatment facility found in the beautiful climes Southern California. With year-round blue skies and palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze, we’ve created an ideal setting for women to combat the stresses and pressures of addiction. Combine a picturesque landscape with state of the art facilities and you have a place where you are able to truly focus on your own progress.
Her House is a women’s-only (gender specific) program that is designed to engage adult women in to a life of recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Where is Encanto House?

Encanto House

11646 Encanto Lane
Colton, CA 92324 USA
(909) 256-0417

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