Will My New Jersey Insurance Work At a California Drug Rehab?

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When you are dealing with addiction, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost of treatment. Yet, it is important to enter recovery with your finances in order. California is known for having some of the best drug rehabs available, and it is common for a person to travel out-of-state to go to the program that best fits their needs. Here is what you need to know about using New Jersey insurance to get into a California rehab.

Check Your Insurance Policy

The first thing you will need to do is gather all of your insurance information. Typically, you are given a handbook that details what your plan will cover when you enroll. If you find the explanation of benefits hard to understand-and most people do-then contacting the member services department can also be helpful. In some instances, you may need a referral from a physician, or you will be limited to a certain amount of days in rehab before you have to pay. Knowing this information ahead of time can help you avoid a delay in getting help.

Explore Potential Options

Navigating insurance coverage can be challenging when you are already dealing with so many things. For this reason, we can help you look into potential drug rehabs in California to find one that fits your insurance policy. From figuring out how many days are covered to making sure the program is in-network, these little details can all be worked out so that you have no financial worries when you enter recovery.

Prepare Your Finances for Rehab

Once you have found a rehab that accepts your insurance, you will be ready to start making preparations for going to the program. Check to see if you can pre-enroll before your first day so that you can show up and already have your insurance paperwork in order. If not, then make sure to pack you insurance card and personal identification so that you will have what you need from the moment you arrive.

Insurance programs understand the benefits that going to rehab will have for your overall health, and the majority of companies offer coverage to help you get sober. By being proactive, you can easily find the right program that will accept your insurance so that you can enter sobriety on strong financial ground.

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