Why women should go to a gender specific addiction treatment center

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There are common threads that can be drawn from cases of drug and alcohol addiction, but there are also nuances that originate from the individuals involved and the experiences that lead each of them to drug abuse. Drug addiction is an illness and both physiology and psychology play large roles in diagnosing and treating it. And while there are no carbon-copy cases of drug addiction, there are unique, though general, characteristics in the way drug addiction manifests in women. Gender-specific rehab centers can offer services that focus on both the physiology of women and the social issues they tend to face.

Benefits of Women’s Rehab Centers with Detoxification and other Medical Treatment

Man or woman, no two people are exactly alike. But the hormonal similarities among women enable women’s rehab centers to focus their medical treatments on physical issues most women face. In addition to tailoring detoxification regimes for women, women’s rehab centers can offer additional services to aid distressed women during their rehabilitation.

Women’s rehab centers can provide women with specialized prenatal, menopausal, pelvic and osteo care. Many of the aforementioned conditions must be accounted for during detoxification, withdrawal and counseling.

Benefits of Women’s Rehab for Counseling

Due to gender roles, there are emotional differences between men and women that vital to address during the process of reforming a life. In general, women are more likely to suffer abuse than their male counterparts. Counselors at a women’s rehab center specialize in addressing rape, spousal abuse, childbearing issues, self-image and other issues pertaining to women only.

Peer therapy plays a vital role in rehabilitating and re-integrating back into society. With peer groups composed entirely of females, women’s rehab centers offer women the opportunity to find strength in peers from their gender or to work out issues they may have with the sex. After completing a program at a women’s rehab center, there is always the opportunity to join in on mixed-gender groups with a community program later.


Women’s rehab centers offer services that cater to needs specific to women. However, mixed-gender rehab program can offer many, if not all, of the same services as a women’s rehab center. When searching for a rehab program for yourself or a loved one, it comes down to ensure that a high-level of care is provided to address each of the substance abuser’s needs.

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