Why is Continued Therapy After Women Alcohol Rehab Recommended?

April 24, 2017 - - 0 Comments Why is Continued Therapy After Women Alcohol Rehab Recommended?

It is a great achievement for recovering women alcoholics to finally leave the rehab center, but of course, it will take great courage, determination, focus, and discipline to stay on the path of sobriety.

There are aftercare programs for recovered women alcoholics to ensure they do not fall into a relapse or will be tempted to drink alcohol once again. The path is slow and steep, and all those gains achieved from the women alcohol addiction program must be preserved at all costs. A recovered alcoholic may feel shocked and strain at re-entering or re-joining society once more.

She is like a newborn baby who must take baby-steps and not rush headlong into the arms of society where she may face dangers once more, especially if she encounters her old friends from her days of alcohol.

There are two ways to protect a recovered alcoholic:

  • 1. An Aftercare Program. This will be a comprehensive program the women alcohol addiction center will prepare for her so she won’t fall back to her old habits and addictions.
  • After a complete assessment of her readiness to rejoin society and her family once more, she and her friends and family will have to follow certain rules in order to sustain her new-found strength and recovery. She must not be exposed to alcohol at all times, thus, her friends and family will be given measures about food selection and preparationdrinking.
  • There will be issues of trust, so a good aftercare program will have conducted one-on-one talks with each friend or family member, and a group therapy as well, so all issues and expectations are out and reviewed, as well as addressed and discussed.
  • Extra care and protection are given to children of recovered alcoholics. Also part of the aftercare program for the recovered alcoholic is preparation to re-join society, meaning she will be coached and guided as to possibilities for work so she can support herself, and ease the burden on her suffering family.
  • At the center, issues of self-esteem and focus will have been discussed already, so her substance abuse counselors will know exactly how to guide her back in society. Twelve-step programs are also offered for the recovered alcoholic.
  • 2. A Transitional Facility. There are centers that are like half-way houses after a recovered woman alcoholic leaves a rehab center. She may join a community of former alcoholics who need extra guidance in terms of diet, daily discipline, and healthy habits that further strengthen their resolve to really kick the bottle habit. Of course, they will be paying these transitional facilities a fee.
  • They will be tasked with certain things needed to be done at the facility, even as they are paying for their food and board. This is a good process, for slowly, they are able to face other people and get back into the rhythm of life and work.
  • The daily tasks become some sort of a spiritual practice and discipline, as well as a means of focus. In the process, they are able to further strengthen and discipline themselves before they re-join their friends, families, and society. This makes a lot of sense and is a very gentle way to get through their personal challenges after they leave an alcohol rehab center.

The path to recovery is slow, with no certainties at all. The only person who can ensure that is the woman who aims to recover in full and build a new life for herself and her friends and family. Many people have suffered from their own suffering.

They must aim to heal themselves first. They always have the power to do so.

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