When You Go to Rehab, Where Do You Stay?

December 15, 2015 - - 0 Comments When You Go to Rehab, Where Do You Stay?

Type of Rooms in Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Facilities

There are several types of substance abuse rehabilitation facilities with some offering sleeping quarters that are shared with other participants. Alternatively, there are also smaller and more exclusive rehabilitation facilities that have individual rooms for sleeping and may also include an attached private bathroom. Most substance abuse residential programs offer very basic rooms because clients spend most of their time participating in 12-step meetings and counseling sessions.

Is Treatment in a Rehabilitation Facility Kept Private?

Treatment in a substance abuse rehabilitation facility is kept as private as possible, and we also follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 regulations. We do not discuss a client’s treatment with relatives, friends or employers unless a client gives us permission. Our office staff contacts a client’s health insurance provider discretely to collect information for billing and reimbursement purposes.

Will the Rehabilitation Facility Have Photographs of its Facility?

A substance abuse facility might have photographs of its common rooms and sleeping quarters to help a perspective client make a decision about seeking treatment. These photographs are particularly important for our clients who are anxious about undergoing treatment in a strange and new environment.

How Does a Client Afford Substance Abuse Treatment?

A client wanting to participate in professional treatment can use their employer-sponsored or private insurance policies to help pay for services. There are also scholarships available from some facilities to assist with the cost of treatment. In some cases, clients qualify for assistance from government-funded programs.

What Happens When Clients Leave the Rehabilitation Center?

After undergoing treatment for 30 to 90 days, our clients can transition to a sober house or outpatient program. A sober house environment offers a structured environment for clients who are trying to start over by moving to a new neighborhood or changing jobs. Clients can receive additional counseling but also leave to arrange a new life outside a rehabilitation environment. Alternatively, outpatient transitional programs offer counseling services several times a week.

Begin a New Life Today

We know that clients are nervous about undergoing treatment at a rehabilitation facility, but our counselors are ready to answer detailed questions about treatments and amenities. Our rehabilitation centers provide individualized services to meet the needs of clients who are addicted to one or more drugs or anyone with a co-occurring condition such as anxiety or depression.

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