When It’s Time To Break Up With Your Drug Using Boyfriend

February 24, 2016 - , , - 0 Comments When It’s Time To Break Up With Your Drug Using Boyfriend

Drugs and addiction can wreak havoc on relationships, yet it can be hard to know when it is time to call it quits. It is normal to want to hang on to a relationship where you genuinely love someone despite their flaws. Unfortunately, continuing a relationship with someone who abuses drugs will also endanger your wellbeing. If you are considering leaving your boyfriend, then here are a few red flags that signal a break up will be for the best.

He Is Abusive

When a person does drugs, it affects their personality, and you may find that your boyfriend no longer holds back when he is angry. Physical abuse should always be a major warning sign, yet other types of abuse can be subtler. For example, name-calling, lying and making you feel insecure are all types of verbal and emotional abuse that warrant a break up. While you may feel bad about leaving your partner, it is important to remember that your wellbeing should always come first.

His Bad Habits are Affecting Your Life

As your boyfriend falls deeper into addiction, he may resort to unsafe behaviors that put your safety at risk. For example, he may have started stealing money or other people’s property that he can use to support his habit. He may also lie about his whereabouts or no longer come home at night. These types of behaviors can cause significant stress that can make it harder for you to make progress in your life. These types of changes might have occurred slowly over time to the point that you are just now realizing the damaging effects of your relationship.

He Doesn’t Support Your Sobriety

Many times a couple uses drugs together, and you may be ready to deal with your addiction. Other times, a boyfriend may try to tempt his partner to do drugs with him so that he does not feel alone. Either way, you should consider his unwillingness to support your sobriety a problem, and breaking up may be the only way you can rid your life of drugs. While stepping away is hard, you can find freedom from addiction once you open your life up to people around you who support a drug-free lifestyle.

Breaking up is never easy. Yet, it is the right thing to do when drugs have taken over your relationship. As you prepare to end your relationship, remember that there is help for addiction, and you can embrace the support that is available through treatment. By taking your health and safety into your hands, you can enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing that comes from ending the cycle of addiction.

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