What’s the Best Detox for Women? Here’s How to Choose

November 30, 2016 - - 0 Comments What’s the Best Detox for Women? Here’s How to Choose

Detoxing is incredibly serious.  There’s no other way around it.  It’s also incredibly uncomfortable and painful, or it can be.  That’s what happens if you try to go it alone.  Immediately avoiding the
drugs your body has received daily for months or even years at a time is going to be ugly.  It’s going to be hell on your body.

In fact, your body goes haywire.  It’s not sure how to react, so you experience a variety of symptoms, some of them painful and some of them terrifying.  If you’re not sure what to expect, you may just think you’re having a bad day and turn to the drugs again, thus negating the withdrawal in the first place.

You need supervision to detox.  You need a women detox facility that can safely oversee the process and ensure it’s as smooth and comfortable for you as possible.  Now’s the time to make a big choice for your sobriety.  Here’s how to pick a great drug detox for women.

  1.  Choose a facility with various program durations — Some drugs are more addictive and potent compared to others.  Some people may have only used for a few months before they decided to get help while others were addicted for years.  You may only need to be in a detoxing and rehab program for a few weeks in some cases.  In other instances, you may need to stay longer.  A good rehab facility should give patients both options.
  2.  Choose a facility that understands the symptoms of withdrawal — As mentioned, withdrawing from drugs is going to be very tough.  You may not be able to sleep, you may be anxious and nervous, you may be depressed and moody, and you may crave odd foods.  You may also experience headaches, tremors, sweating, bodily aches, and nausea.  You need to choose a facility that can help you through these symptoms.
  3.  Choose a facility that combines detoxing with therapy — Once you’ve detoxed, you should be proud of yourself.  You’re one step closer to sobriety.  However, you’re not there yet.  It’s only through a combination of detoxing and therapy that you can figure out what caused your addiction and learn how to overcome it while avoiding relapsing.  If a facility only has detoxing services, keep looking.
  4.  Choose a facility with a good reputation — How did other patients fare at this facility? Were they sober the first time they left or did they relapse and have to enroll again? Relapses can happen regardless of the facility, but a rehab program with a bad track record should generally be avoided.  Do your research.
  5.  Choose a facility that prepares you for your life post-rehab — Once you find a facility, you can’t stay there forever.  Eventually, your rehab program will end and you’ll go back to your life.  The coping skills you learn during your time in rehab can determine your success.  If you learn to cut out bad influences and give your life a clean start, you’re likely to stay sober.  If you don’t learn that, you could fall back into old habits.

Are you ready to finally get over your drug addiction and you know that detox is the first step? Drug rehab centers offer women’s detox programs so you can begin your quest to sobriety.  With the supervision of our doctors and other trained staff, you will slowly withdrawal from drugs and take the first step to a better life.  

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