What Should I Pack When I Am Going To Drug Rehab?

January 13, 2016 - - 0 Comments What Should I Pack When I Am Going To Drug Rehab?

As you prepare to go to drug rehab, packing is one task that can provide you with a sense of reassurance that you will have everything you need. However, packing for rehab is a little different compared to filling a suitcase for vacation since most treatment programs forbid certain items. While you should always follow the list of allowed and prohibited items that your program will give you, there are some essentials that the majority of drug rehabs will suggest you pack.

Comfortable Clothing

Snuggly pajamas, a favorite t-shirt and a cozy sweater can all make you feel more at home in drug rehab. However, it is important to make sure that your clothing does not have wording or logos that reference drugs or alcohol and that it is not too revealing. If your rehab has a swimming pool, then a one-piece swimsuit for ladies or a pair of swimming trunks for men may also be necessary. Otherwise, you will need the usual undergarments, socks, shoes, pants and tops that you would normally wear in a week. The majority of long-term treatment programs have laundry services available, so check beforehand since it is better to pack light.

Appropriate Personal Hygiene Products

During your stay in rehab, you will want to be able to tend to your personal care needs. Carefully check the labels on your products to ensure that they are alcohol-free, and skip any aerosol products. As you pack, remember essentials such as deodorant, tooth brushing supplies and your favorite shampoo. Try to estimate how much you will need based upon how long you plan to stay. However, keep in mind that most treatment programs have spare supplies for an emergency, and you can always have someone bring you more.

Contact Information for Support Group

In rehab, you may not have access to your cell phone. For this reason, you may want to bring a list of names and phone numbers for anyone who will be involved in your recovery. Loved ones, your current physician or therapist and an emergency contact number are the main ones you will want to include. If you will be writing letters to loved ones, then make sure to include their addresses, too.

Packing for rehab is an important process that allows you to get in the right mindset for recovery. If you have questions about what is allowed at your program, then we are always available to give you the answers. With your bags filled with all of your essentials for daily living, you will feel ready to embark on your life-changing journey toward recovery.

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