What Role Does Family Play While The Addict Is In Treatment?

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The relatives of addicts play an integral role in rehabilitation by intervening when they notice a sibling, parent or child requires professional help for drug addiction. It is essential for you to remain supportive of an addict during their treatment for substance abuse.

How does a Rehabilitation Facility Help an Addict’s Relatives?

At a more advanced stage of an addict’s treatment, the counselors will invite relatives to participate in counseling sessions. Family therapy is vital to help the recovering addict along with their relatives to overcome the trauma of addiction. A counselor can help to repair the damaged relationship that frequently exists between you and the recovering addict.

Will a Rehabilitation Facility Keep Relative’s Names Private?

The counselors at a rehabilitation facility will not divulge the names of a recovering addict’s family members to anyone. We also ask that other clients keep the names of participants in the program private along with their relative’s names. If you recognize someone in a rehabilitation center, then you should also keep the person’s identity private.

Can Relatives of a Recovering Addict Ask Questions?

In many cases, a recovering addict provides the name of a relative as a contact person when they enter a rehabilitation facility. These relatives may have questions to ask counselors during the initial detox phase of treatment or later during the rehabilitation phase of treatment.

How Can Relatives Help Addicts with the Cost of Treatment?

A parent can often help a child pay for rehabilitation by keeping them on their employer-sponsored or private insurance plan. The wife or husband of an addict can assist by making co-payments.

Can Relatives Help a Recovering Addict after Rehabilitation?

To help prevent a relapse, the relatives of addicts should continue to provide emotional support after the rehabilitation program ends. It is a good idea for addicts and relatives to continue participating in counseling sessions to reduce their stress while repairing their damaged relationships.

Get Help for an Addict Today

If you are the relative of an addict, then it is possible to call us for assistance. The relatives of addicts are often the only people who will encourage them to seek professional help with detoxification and rehabilitation. In some cases, we can provide information about interventions to help a relative enter treatment as quickly as possible.

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