What Percentage Of People Go To Rehab? How Many Are Women?

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Did You Know?

Less than ten percent of people who have an addiction will seek treatment for their addiction. About half of those who choose to seek treatment are women. It is estimated that between 45 and 60 percent of people in the average recovery center are women. Many people do not realize how serious their addiction is or what it does to their physical, social, and psychological states. Others do not know how to find an addiction center or what to do to fund their treatment.

You may find comfort and joy in knowing that you have taken the first step towards recovery- seeking a treatment that suits you. You are among the few that will recover from your addiction. That is amazing news!

What You Need to Know

You need to know that treatment will be a struggle. You will be asked to work through the issues that lead you to your addiction. Do not worry! You will also be comforted, guided, and supported through every step of the recovery process. You will never be alone or misunderstood in your efforts to recover!

Every person with an addiction deserves treatment if they want to do the work to recover. There are thousands of programs, grants, scholarships, and fundraisers set it place to help every person with a desire to overcome their addiction. You can get treatment!

Not every individual with an addiction looks like an addict. Some individuals have quite a bit of money, some are homeless, and many are somewhere in the middle. You are not judged based on your income or your appearance. You do not need to look like an addict to have an addiction or to seek treatment for your addiction. You are always welcome in the treatment center you have chosen.

You have made the decision to take control of your life. You have conquered every voice that has ever told you that you cannot do anything to make your life better. Strength and pride are two characteristics that you are entitled to no matter what voice tells you otherwise. You deserve to be happy and to be free of your addiction.

Treatment Centers

There are hundreds of treatment centers available to you. Some of these centers allow you to have pets, some of these centers, allow you to make home visits, and others of these centers treat you as though you are a patient in a hospital. There is a women’s treatment center that will fit your needs and will be available to you regardless of what income you are currently making.

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