What is Different About an All Women’s Drug Treatment Center?

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Many treatment facilities offer male or female exclusive groups for treatment. The female only drug treatment centers offer unique programs and resources when compared to mixed gender groups. Open to women of varying ages, the group focuses on the individual needs and situations affecting women in recovery.

Free of Expectations

Many women benefit from a nurturing environment that only includes women. For some participants, there are underlying tensions and behavioral triggers that relate to relationships and family pressures. In a women’s exclusive group, female recovering addicts can develop trust and sharing relationships that help the adjustment to sobriety and reinforce the commitment to a lifetime of drug-free living.

Advantages of Women-only Treatment

Women only treatment facilities and programs can place a greater emphasis on the situations that may be typical for women. This women-only focus saves time and effort that the program would expend in relating to a broader group. The female only environment does not require extending similar focus to male counterparts and the more intensive environment may benefit many female recovering addicts.

Variety of Techniques

Women only treatment facilities offer a wide range of treatment approaches. They include spiritual, holistic, and faith-based approaches. The treatment situations include intensive counseling, and chemical assisted and maintenance approaches. Providers offer women-only groups for alcohol, drug, and substance abuse; they offer these programs in a variety of settings and locations throughout the US.

We Can Help

We find the best resources to meet the needs of the addict and the addiction. These include women-only treatment facilities that focus on issues and situations that have particular importance for female recovering addicts. When your loved one or family member decides to enter treatment, call us. We have knowledge and experience in the field of placement into drug treatment. For every addiction, there are unique needs and in every addict’s life, there are compelling circumstances. The best chance for success lies in recognizing the needs of the addict and the addiction. Call us; we help families find the right combination of program resources to give the best chance for long-term recovery. We provide the expertise and experience that makes a vital difference. The opportunity to enter treatment is too important to leave to chance. Call us right away; we can help.

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