What If I Can’t Cover My Out of Pocket For Drug Rehab?

November 13, 2015 - , - 0 Comments What If I Can’t Cover My Out of Pocket For Drug Rehab?

Whether you’re eyeing a treatment resort or just a basic hospital stay, any drug addiction rehabilitation program is expensive. The value you receive is in the form of expert medical advice, counseling and sobriety. Addiction treatment costs are justified, but you may be short of the money needed for out-of-pocket expenses. If you can’t pay for your drug rehab treatment, there are alternative options you should explore.

State-Funded Insurance

You might have some health insurance, but it doesn’t cover all of your expenses. In fact, you could be without insurance entirely but still require treatment. Consider looking into Medicaid or Medicare, depending on your age and financial status. These government-funded insurance programs usually cover most or all of an addiction treatment program. It’s beneficial for you and the government to rid yourself of addiction, and these insurance programs are in place for these purposes.

Government Treatment Centers

If you don’t qualify for government insurance, it’s still possible to find a government-funded treatment center. These facilities are federally owned, so that everyone has a chance at a clean lifestyle. In many cases, these treatment programs will only charge you what you can afford. It’s even possible for the treatment to be free if your funds are severely limited. One drawback, however, is a possible waiting list. Depending on the region, there could be many applicants waiting on free treatment.

Considering Treatment Types

Typically, you enter an inpatient rehab center during the initial recovery process. These treatment programs are the most expensive types because they include room and board. If your addiction is mild to moderate, it’s possible to enter an outpatient program. You work with addiction specialists during the daytime, but you return home at night to sleep. Outpatient treatment is less expensive than other programs, and you might be able to afford outpatient services as a result.

Personal Loans or Borrowing Funds

If you want to be admitted to a specific treatment center, such as one that offers dual-diagnosis programs, you might have to borrow money. If you have good credit, a personal loan could be possible for your treatment. Alternatively, contact your loved ones and discuss your plans with them. You might be able to borrow money from them until you’re able to pay it back. When you exit rehab, you can find a steady job and pay your loved ones in cash.

There are a wide range of treatment prices available in various regions so you should research your options as thoroughly as possible. Although you shouldn’t immediately select the cheapest treatment center, you can keep it in the running with several other facilities. In the end, you need a treatment center that’s affordable with quality care at its core.

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