What Do I Need to Do When My Daughter Gets Out of Treatment?

November 20, 2015 - , - 0 Comments What Do I Need to Do When My Daughter Gets Out of Treatment?

Completing a treatment program is a major milestone for your daughter’s recovery. During the first few weeks at home, it is normal for you to feel a mixture of emotions ranging from pride that she has stayed on track with sobriety to fear of a relapse. You may also find that you feel a sense of confusion regarding how to best provide her with support. Fortunately, there are several things you can do once your daughter has returned home that will help to rebuild your family and encourage her to stay sober.

Make a Plan for Aftercare

Leaving the treatment center is only the first step in a long road to recovery that may include continuing individual counseling and group sessions. Before you bring her home, make sure you have a clear understanding of any follow up care she may need, and make arrangements for her to have transportation if it is needed.

Attend Support Group Meetings

There are many support networks available for parents with children who are overcoming their addiction. Joining one of these groups will connect you with other parents who understand your situation. As you get to know other parents, you can exchange advice while learning more about the process of recovery.

Remove All Addictive Substances

For the best chance of avoiding relapse, you will need to remove any potentially addictive substances from your home. When doing so, do not take chances. Simply locking them up may not be enough of a deterrent. This may require you to change some of your habits temporarily, but it will be worth it to know that your daughter will be free from temptation at home.

Set Boundaries

Structure is important for someone who is leaving a treatment program, and it is important to be clear about your house rules from the very beginning. Set a curfew and give her a few household chores that will encourage her to contribute to the home. This is an important part of rebuilding her self-esteem and giving her a chance to demonstrate her responsibility.

Remember that Recovery is a Process

When your child was in the throes of addiction, your family may have suffered some emotional wounds. As you work to heal your relationship, you may find painful emotions rising to the surface such as blame and distrust. Try to acknowledge those feelings, but let them go. There may be a few rough days ahead, but providing your daughter with support is important for her recovery.

Once your daughter is home from treatment, the real work begins since she will need to find ways to overcome her addiction while making positive changes in her life. By attending family sessions, setting firm boundaries and being willing to allow her to change, you can give her the support she needs to stay sober.

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