Using Parent’s Insurance, Will They Know If You Go To Rehab

May 2, 2016 - , - 0 Comments Using Parent’s Insurance, Will They Know If You Go To Rehab

Many young adults stay in their parents insurance policies for healthcare coverage. These arrangements can provide coverage that the young adult might not be able to afford. With this situation, such as the Affordable Care Act reforms to the healthcare industry come some new problems. The insurer by default sends information on the account to the account holder. This includes the medical information of a covered dependent adult. In the case of addiction treatment, if you use parent’s insurance, most of the time they will know that you go to rehab.

Privacy is a Problem

There is a privacy problem for covered adult dependents. Regular insurance routines require that the policy holder get a notice of every grant or denial of services. Called an EOB, these items routinely go to the policyholder so that they will know about the benefits they receive. In matters like sexual diseases, reproductive issues, and drug abuse, the patients may wish to keep the matters confidential. Some patients might try to avoid getting treatment of it means sharing the information with parents or guardians.

California Has a Rule

Many states have received requests for rules to protect individual privacy for covered dependents. California was the first to adopt a rule requiring insurers to honor requests for privacy by covered adult dependents. If you live in California, you can ask your health provider to send your records directly and not to anyone else. The California rule requires insurers to accept and honor these requests.

Trend towards Greater Protection

There are a number of federal laws that deal with the issues of privacy and covered dependents; this includes HIPPA the portable health coverage law. The issue of privacy arises in important ways. It often involves sensitive matters like reproductive care and drug or substance abuse. California, Oregon, Massachusetts, and other states have made serious progress in adding protection when a patient requests it. The Affordable Care Act generally requires sending service reports to the policyholder and this is a significant obstacle.

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