Using Affirmations to Aid Successful Rehab

July 25, 2017 - - 0 Comments Using Affirmations to Aid Successful Rehab

For some people, affirmations have New Age associations that are really nothing more than misconceptions. The fact is that positive affirmations can be extremely beneficial to rehabilitation and recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, particularly for women. For female addicts trying to build a new life of sobriety after successful detox, the wider benefits of incorporating positive affirmations into the daily routine are considerable.

Positive affirmations are an integral part of women’s rehab and provide an effective tool for patients trying to build a life free of addiction. Often the underlying issues behind a woman’s addiction can be deep-rooted and a long-term coping mechanism such as using affirmations can be of tremendous value in maintaining sobriety.

What are Positive Affirmations?

Affirmations have been used in addiction treatment for a long time and are probably most widely associated with the 12-step program. Affirmations are basically confident and assertive statements that are made deliberately and mostly out loud on a regular basis in order to influence thoughts and feelings.

They can be used to give positive reinforcement if faced with a situation an addict may otherwise not be able to deal with. For example, if a difficult situation arises, by saying “I can do this” and actually believing in the statement, energy levels can be boosted to provide support to move forward successfully.

Women are possibly the most vulnerable to prolonged negative reinforcement through the routine pressures of society. They are more socially ‘conditioned’ to put themselves down, even when complimented as an instinctive response to praise. Combine this with addiction issues and associated depression and anxiety and negative reinforcement can be extremely detrimental to a female addict’s treatment.

Some Popular Affirmations Used in Rehab for Women

There are three different types of affirmations used for women in recovery including the present, future and natural, as follows:

Present Tense

  • I have respect for my body
  • I am free from addiction
  • I am loved by the people around me
  • I look inside myself for happiness
  • I only surround myself with people who support my sobriety

Future Tense

  • I will find myself more in control of my own life each day
  • I will only surround myself with people who support me
  • I will be able to control my own life
  • I am becoming more free of my addiction by the day
  • I will forgive myself for all I have done


  • I deserve to be free of drugs/alcohol
  • I find it easy to turn down drugs/alcohol
  • Being free of addiction has been an improvement in my life
  • The only thing in control of my life is myself
  • Being surrounded by positive people is natural to me

The Benefit of Positive Affirmations in Recovery

Using positive affirmations in a daily routine is a technique that is explored in rehab for women that is relatively easy to pick up. Using a personalized set of positive statements boosts energy levels when repeated and is also an effective coping mechanism when faced with crisis situations. In conjunction with other mindfulness practices such as yoga, using affirmations can be an exceptional contribution to successful addiction rehabilitation.  

It isn’t essential to speak statements aloud but is useful in the initial stages of learning the technique of using affirmations in recovery, as a way of conditioning the mind to hear the underlying positive message of the chosen affirmations.

Women are generally more open to alternative therapies, particularly when offered as part of a wide addiction treatment program and they are proven to be highly effective in maintaining sobriety when a treatment program has finished. The other positive benefit of affirmations is that they spur women to push themselves beyond their comfort zone and allows them to establish clear boundaries in personal relationships going forward.

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