How To Update Your Resume After You’ve Been To Rehab

June 13, 2016 - , - 0 Comments How To Update Your Resume After You’ve Been To Rehab

Going to rehab is one of the best decisions you have ever made, and you can tell the difference in your happiness when you are ready to start looking for a job. However, you may be a little apprehensive about having a gap on your resume. While you have nothing to be ashamed of, these tips will give you confidence about explaining your history as you prepare for interviews.

Draw Attention to Your Positive Attributes

There are several types of resumes that you can use when you are preparing to find a job. The functional format focuses on placing your skills and experience at the top where it will be noticed more than your job history. This format can ensure that your resume does not get passed over due to a noticeable employment gap at the top. It also makes it clear from the beginning why you are the perfect person for the job.

Understand the Changing Attitudes About Employment

Today, it is very common for people to skip from one job to another as they move up the career ladder, and many people take extended breaks from work for a variety of reasons. Caring for a family, traveling the world and even going to rehab are all experiences that deepen a person’s character. It is completely possible that your potential employer will see a gap and just assume that you were working on something important to your personal development.

Prepare for Your Interview

Once you have progressed to the point of an interview, you can rest assured that that gap in your employment is not a deal breaker. However, you may want to be prepared for answering questions about what you have done during that time. Lying during an interview will definitely cause you to lose the job, so be as honest as possible. You can explain the gap as a time when you were doing some inner soul searching, or you can reveal that you did struggle with addiction and have taken steps to overcome it. Either way, your interviewer will be impressed by your drive to be successful.

Updating a resume is one of those things that many people struggle with, regardless of why they may have a gap in their employment. However, changing attitudes among employers means that you still have a chance to get that perfect position. Just relax, stay calm and draft a resume that highlights your best attributes. Then, throw on your most charming smile and begin a career that will benefit from your sobriety.

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