Understanding the Simplicity of H.A.L.T. in Recovery

June 10, 2016 - - 0 Comments Understanding the Simplicity of H.A.L.T. in Recovery

During your recovery from addiction, an acronym can help to remind you about the triggers that can lead to a relapse back to alcohol or drug use. While in a rehabilitation facility, you are going to attend daily 12-step meetings with other individuals who are overcoming an addiction. Counselors will teach you the H.A.L.T. acronym that is a self-care tool to remain physically and mentally healthy. This simple acronym is designed to help you remember to engage in behaviors that lead to a sober lifestyle.

Avoid becoming Hungry throughout the Day

Forgetting to consume nutritious meals and snacks can lead to intense hunger that changes your body’s responses. If you forget to eat three meals a day, then you are more likely to begin using drugs or drinking alcohol again. You should have a weekly schedule of meal plans along with remembering to carry snacks such as fresh fruit and vegetables with you to avoid eating junk foods.

Walk Away from a Difficult Situation to Avoid Anger

Anger is a volatile emotion that you might find difficult to cope with on a daily basis. In the past, you probably numbed this feeling by getting drunk or using a drug that is a sedative. A recovering addict is unable to numb their feelings with substances during and after rehabilitation, and leaving a bad situation is the only way to prevent an angry outburst that can lead to a relapse.

Prevent Loneliness by Socializing Appropriately

Many addicts visited local bars or places where drug use was common in order to have a social life. While in a rehabilitation facility, you need to find healthy ways to socialize such as becoming involved in a hobby with others, participating in sports or becoming a member of a religious group. The need to socialize is normal, but you must find healthy ways to prevent loneliness.

Sleep enough to avoid becoming tired

In the past, you might have used amphetamines to get a boost of energy to avoid sleeping each night. In your recovery, you will learn about a healthier lifestyle that includes scheduling enough sleep on a regular basis to avoid cravings from stimulants. Call one of our counselors today to begin the process toward recovery from substance abuse.

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