Signs your addiction is out of control

October 19, 2016 - - 0 Comments Signs your addiction is out of control

Drugs don’t see color, age, or income; they only see victims.  There are numerous reasons that people may turn to drugs or alcohol whether it be to escape a traumatic event that occurred during someone’s past, succumbing to peer pressure, or even experimenting on their own free will.  Whatever the reason may be, there are services available at drug addiction treatment centers with reliable resources readily accessible.

When it comes to identifying signs of yourself or someone close to you possibly developing a drug or alcohol addiction, there are two usual types of warnings: physical and behavioral.  One of the most common physical signs of drug addiction is deterioration in regards to physical appearance.  Aside from a decline in physical appearance, other physical signs include the scent of substances on a person’s: body, clothes, or breath.

Here we will break down some physical and behavioral signs that your drug or alcohol addiction might be reaching a point to where you should either begin to inquire about drug addiction treatment programs through your local drug addiction treatment center:

  • Change in personality or attitude.
    • Many substances have adverse effects on individual’s habits and behaviors.  You may notice that yourself or someone you know suddenly has become depressed or more lethargic than usual.
  • Abrupt weight changes
    • Substances also have an adverse effect on an individual’s appetite.  Some substances such as crystal meth, cocaine, and amphetamines have been known to cause a sharp decrease in a person’s hunger levels.
  • Bloodshot or glazed eyes
    • This is one of the most common physical giveaways.  Another common physical sign in regards to a person’s eyes includes a change in one’s pupils whether they are larger or smaller than normal.
  • Sudden changes in a social network
    • You might notice that either yourself or someone close to you has suddenly changed who they now associate with.  They might be spending less time with friends and family, or more time with a crowd or individuals who might be using drugs or alcohol.
  • Dramatic changes in habits and/or priorities
    • This could be in the form of a sudden decline in performance whether it may be in the form of grades or work production.

Inquiring about drug addiction treatment isn’t something that people should be ashamed of.  According to, drug and alcohol addiction is on the rise, and there are an estimated 23.5 million Americans suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.  That number would come to represent around one in every ten Americans over the age of twelve.  This number might seem staggering, but what is more troubling, is the fact that only one in every ten of those individuals who have a drug or alcohol addiction seek out drug addiction treatment.  That would mean that of those 23.5 million Americans, only 2.6 million of them are being provided the resources that they need to hopefully overcome their addiction.

If we want to close this gap, we need to be more open and honest with not just ourselves, but friends and family when it comes t addressing the growing epidemic of drug and alcohol addiction.  The only way to overcome a problem is first addressing that one exists.  This isn’t something that is going to be solved overnight, however, it is up to all of us to at least get the conversation started.  Gone are the days of shame and embarrassment, today we must realize that if we really want to address the growing problem of drug addiction within the United States, we must bring the situation to light, rather than just leaving it in the dark.

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