Should You Try to Detox From Drugs After the New Year?

January 3, 2014 - , - 0 Comments

If you are struggling with the decision to stop using drugs or alcohol after the New Year, you may be experiencing one of the most common signs of addiction. Addiction often occurs gradually, leaving you unsure whether you can stop using drugs or alcohol on your own. When you try to stop using drugs or alcohol, but can’t, it is time to seek help. You can find people who understand addiction and who are willing to help you recover when you visit a drug or alcohol rehab facility.

One of the most common signs of an addiction is not being able to stop using drugs or alcohol without help. You may experience physical symptoms when you suddenly try to stop drinking alcohol or using drugs. Withdrawal can be very uncomfortable, and may be physically dangerous, without the help of a professional detox team. A professional detoxification team that includes licensed medical staff can assist you in reducing the physical discomfort of withdrawal.

Detoxification that is completed in a licensed, professional rehab center ensures you are ready to begin your recovery plan with less discomfort than trying to detox on your own. You also have the option of attending treatment at the facility in most cases. Rehab centers offer inpatient treatment if you feel as if you need a comprehensive treatment plan to successfully recover from addiction. If you have a job or other responsibilities that make inpatient treatment inconvenient, you can opt for an outpatient treatment plan that fits your personal schedule.

Detox typically takes anywhere from several days to several weeks to complete, depending on your personal health and the type of addiction that you are trying to overcome. Professional rehab centers also offer you detox services if you have a dual diagnosis, or multiple addictions, that you are ready to overcome.

When drugs and alcohol begin affecting your career, family and personal relationships, or even begin draining you financially, it is time to seek help from a caring drug rehabilitation facility. You can enter detox even if you can’t afford to pay or if you have insurance. Finding treatment allows you to take control of your life and recover from addition permanently. When you are ready for recovery, drug abuse counselors can help you detox safely and comfortably.

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