Rules For Staying Sober As a Woman in Recovery

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Recovery is something that may start inside of the rehab facility, but the process does not end there. Recovery is something that requires effort to continue and prevent relapse. The effort could come in the form of establishing and obeying certain rules. The following are some rules for women to stay sober in recovery:

Stay Away from Unhealthy Old Acquaintances

One of the first rules for staying sober is to avoid old unhealthy acquaintances. Many times, women make the mistake of hanging out with their old friends and partners the moment they feel that they have recovered. Unhealthy acquaintances will try to drag a recovered person down for one of two reasons. One reason is that the unhealthy person may not want to accept the changes that the other person made. Another reason such a person may want to drag the other person down is that misery loves company. A woman can stay strong in her recovery by avoiding such people until they make changes in their lives. She must accept that such people may never change, however.

Have Substitute Activities in Place

Another rule of continued recovery is to have substitute activities in place just in case the urge to relapse comes. Substitute activities are activities such as exercising, writing and drawing artistic pieces. The recovering addict can delve into one of those activities the moment that she starts feeling antsy.

Develop and Keep a Support System

Nothing can replace the existence of a strong support system for an addicted person. Recovering addicts of any addiction will have to have men and women in their lives who can encourage them to stay out of trouble. Some groups call the people in support systems sponsors or accountability partners. Some call them true friends.

Be Honest About Your Feelings

A recovering addict must be honest about her feelings. She must speak out if she feels as though she is going to slip into a relapse. Many people are available who can help to lift her up at that crucial moment.

Call One of Our Experts if You Need Help or Support

Our researchers and experts can help you or your loved one if she slips. They can search for a facility that specializes in preventing relapse, as some facilities offer additional resources and programs. You never have to feel too shy to give our people a call. They truly care about your welfare and are happy to help.

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