The Real Secret To Staying Sober After Rehab

July 6, 2016 - , - 0 Comments The Real Secret To Staying Sober After Rehab

After completing a rehab program to overcome substance abuse, you must continue to maintain your sobriety. Relapses are a common occurrence after a rehabilitation program, but you can avoid returning to dangerous drug use or alcohol consumption by working on the 12-steps.

Choosing a Sponsor

Former addicts who have had long-term recovery spend a lot of time in 12-step meetings where there is support from others who have the same struggles. At a 12-step meeting, you will find a sponsor who you can call when the temptation to use again occurs. A sponsor has remained sober for many years, and he or she is a good example of how to achieve success.

Avoiding Bad Habits

When you attend 12-step meetings, you will meet other addicts who have made mistakes in their sobriety, including thinking that it was safe to drink one glass of wine at a party. You will learn not to become complacent during your recovery to avoid returning to bad habits or places where cocaine or heroin is available.

Learning Coping Mechanisms

At 12-step meetings, you learn about creating a successful life that includes attending school or starting a new job, but you also begin to understand that there are other coping methods that do not include getting drunk or high. Other recovering addicts at 12-step meetings can help you understand the importance of using hobbies or spirituality to keep your mind off of drug use or alcohol consumption.

Visiting a Psychiatrist

If you experience intense cravings, you learn how to avoid the triggers that lead to visiting a tavern or party where drugs or alcohol is available. Instead of ignoring the signs of a mental problem such as anxiety or depression, you will seek help from a psychiatrist. In addition, you might participate in an aftercare outpatient program to resist the urge to use again.

Having Healthy Relationships

By attending 12-step meetings, the other participants can help you understand the importance of changing your life completely to avoid returning to a bad situation. You will begin to have a different life that is safe and that has healthy relationships.

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