Prescription Drug Addiction Rehab for Women

April 28, 2017 - - 0 Comments Prescription Drug Addiction Rehab for Women

Every woman is different. Every case is different. Thus, when someone enters a drug rehab for women, she must be treated with great concern and compassion.

Mothers, aunts, and grandmothers are nurturers. Adolescent girls will one day become nurturers, too, when they get married and have babies of their own. The fact that these women have succumbed to prescription drug addiction means that there may be several underlying problems, more than is immediately visible to the eye.

What is Prescription Drug Addiction?

It’s simply an undue dependency on prescription drugs that help them sleep, calm them down, ease their physical, mental, or physiological pain – without which they cannot function at all.  Although these drugs are regulated and thus, are only given when prescribed by a medical professional with the license to do so, women get dependent on this and thus experience addiction.

When their lives are in chaos and they begin affecting everyone around them, as well as experiencing self-destructive tendencies, then they must seek treatment at a women’s drug rehab. Only a team of medical professionals and drug addiction/substance abuse counselors working in conjunction with 12-step recovery programs can help these suffering women.

Why Do Women Get Addicted to Prescription Drugs?

Women can suffer any or all of the following seven conditions and thus, will need professional help from a drug rehab for women:

  1. Bouts of depression. Women who have suffered great loss or physical, mental, and emotional abuse can use prescription drugs as a temporary escape from their pain and troubles.
  2. A history of mental illness. Some women have a history of mental illness in their families, or even just within themselves, and will not be aware of what they are doing to themselves and how vulnerable they can be.
  3. An eating disorder. It seems eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia are also tied to prescription drug addiction as there is a chemical imbalance in these women’s mind and bodies.
  4. Battles with alcoholism. As with cases of substance abuse, women who suffer from prescription drug addiction may also be addicted to alcohol – a most lethal combination when taken together.
  5. Experiences of panic or anxiety attacks. Prescription drugs are given to women suffering from panic or anxiety attacks and are thus susceptible to addiction as well.
  6. A history of previous trauma. Some women have had the great misfortune of having been attacked physically, either through rape or assault and have become fearful, paranoid, and unbalanced.
  7. A history of personality disorders. Some women suffer from schizophrenia, phobias, and compulsions and take to the drug to calm their fears or apprehensions – even delusions.

The Care Necessary for Prescription Drug Addiction

Any good center must be able to offer these women suffering from prescription drug addiction an extensive and thorough program of caring and compassionate services from highly-capable medical professionals and substance abuse counselors.

Below are things you can expect in a prescription drug addiction treatment program

  • Check-up. Every woman who visits the center will have to go through a thorough medical and psychological check-up to determine her true physical and mental condition.
  • Assessment. After a check-up, the medical professionals and substance abuse counselors can give an accurate assessment of her condition, as well as double-check all the facts regarding her condition.
  • Treatment. Depending on the extent of her prescription drug addiction, her state of physical and mental health, the team of medical professionals, substance abuse counselors, and dietitians can prescribe the best-individualized treatment.

Follow-up. Drugs change the brain chemistry of a person, what more with prescription drug addiction, especially over a prolonged period of time. Recovering addicts are especially vulnerable to a relapse.

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