The Power of Making a Gratitude List

June 8, 2016 - - 0 Comments The Power of Making a Gratitude List

It seems amazing that something as simple as gratitude has the power to change your life. Gratitude is more than an emotion or feeling it is a formidable force that can bring health, contentment and joy to your life.

The Power of Gratitude

People who take the time to show gratitude reap many benefits. Studies show that grateful people are happier people. They tend to be more content with their circumstances, sleep better, lead healthier lives and even seem to more optimistic in general.

When you take the time to become a grateful person, you begin to let go of envy. It is hard to be jealous of what other people have when you concentrate on being thankful for all that you have been given. Having a grateful heart makes it easier to be kind to others. When you know that you have been blessed with much, it is easy to share what you have. Gratitude brings contentment and with contentment it is easy to live the life that you can afford. Content and grateful people don’t need to ring up huge balances on their credit cards because they are happy with what they already have.

How to Make Gratitude List

Making a gratitude list is a lot like counting your blessings. It is simply taking time to write down the things in your life you are thankful for. At first it might feel like an odd thing to do and your list may seem like a very generic list that could be written by anyone. Of course you are thankful for family. You are thankful for health. You are thankful for life. Add anything that comes to mind. Nothing is too small or too silly to be added to your list. The more you write, the more you will find to be grateful for.

Finding Gratitude in Bad Situations

What if you had a horrible childhood? What if you are suffering with addiction or disease? How do you feel gratitude in the midst of hopelessness and despair? In those times when it seems like there is nothing to be thankful for, you must dig deeper. Be grateful that you survived your upbringing and have become a strong individual. Be thankful that you were giving one more day, or hour or minute to live this life. Cling to your strand of gratitude and it will grow.

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