How Nutrition Can Affect Your Rehab Experience

April 12, 2017 - - 0 Comments How Nutrition Can Affect Your Rehab Experience

There are several reasons why women’s rehab centers enforce a strict diet during drug and alcohol recovery. For the most part, nutrition plays a significant role in developing tolerance with addiction along with maintaining the overall health of an individual. Studies have also shown that observing proper nutrition can go a long way when it comes to getting the needed help on the road towards addiction recovery.

Some addiction treatment professionals believe that you should be allowed to indulge in foods that you crave because this helps eliminate your longing for your choice of substance. The notion is generally wrong in so many ways, because not only does it perpetuate overindulgence, but also can be an exhibiting factor that leads to relapses.

Your addiction severely impacts your body

Most often, addiction leads to malnutrition which is why for the most part, you see yourself losing or gaining extreme weight. When suffering from addiction, your body falsely believes that is getting nourishment because of the empty calories you get from the substance. Most of the times, during your addiction, you often find yourself looking for the substance that you neglect and forget to eat properly. This leads to several other problems affecting your digestive system.

Addiction can be tremendously damaging that it affects your overall health. It damages your immune system, blocks the production of endorphins or the natural feel-good chemicals, and also impairs your bodily organs. Not only that, it also affects your mental state causing you to destroy your image and damage your self-esteem. Women’s rehab centers though reinforce the effective of your rehabilitation with proper nutrition. This allows you to reverse the physical damage that your body has acquired and gives you the right stamina to endure the phases of your recovery.

Nutrition both heals and nourishes your body

Your constant use of illegal substances led to deficiencies of nutrients in your body which put your physical and mental health in jeopardy. When left untreated for a very long time, it can lead to severe consequences including damaging your vital organs, decreasing your immunity towards diseases, and affecting your mental health. Through proper nutrition, your women rehabilitation center can reverse the physical and mental consequence of your substance abuse.

They can correct your diet and provide you with adequate knowledge on what you should consume to diminish the cravings you have for the substance. They can also instill the right attitude you have to have in order to be disciplined when it comes to the right foods that will be beneficial for your recovery.

You also have to understand that to reverse the severe effects that your body has gained, you have to supply your body with well-balanced and appropriate meals. This does not only mean that you have to eat the right kinds of foods, but you also have to consider the amount you need to take and develop proper eating habits that will contribute to your recovery.

Though this can be hard during the initial stages of rehabilitation, it can be enforced for the entirety of the program so you will develop the right framework that will sustain your behavior. As with every recovering addict, it is vital to restore any nutritional deficiencies and also work out on any existing medical conditions. Proper nutrition helps eliminate the risk to develop cravings for illegal substances.

Continuously supplying the body with nutrient-rich foods will help decrease other possible problems including cell-oxidation, inflammations, and infections that can be exacerbated by addiction. Having the right amount of nutrients also normalizes your neurotransmitters and stabilizes your overall mood giving you a clear sense of direction that leads to an effective recovery.

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