My Daughter Is Young, Will She Grow Out Of Using Drugs?

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If you are a parent with a young daughter who is using drugs, then it is imperative to get her professional help before health complications occur. While some parents might think that drug use by a daughter is just a phase or experimentation, it is dangerous. Illegal substances will change the chemistry of your daughter’s mind and body, leading to serious ramifications.

Type of Treatment

We have rehabilitation facilities that are designed for the special needs of teenagers over 18 who still need constant supervision. Our counselors are trained to treat a younger client differently than an older one, beginning with the detoxification phase of treatment. Our cognitive therapy approaches are created to assist clients who will return to a family’s home, job or school environment.

Is Treatment Private?

Personal discussions with therapists are kept private in order to ensure a teenage client is willing to talk freely about their issues. We do not inform a client’s work or school about their participation in a drug rehabilitation program.

Discussing Information with Clients

While we welcome questions from parents, we also urge that the client request information from our counselors. A client may spend 30 to 60 days undergoing rehabilitation and is probably curious about the facility and what they can bring in their luggage.

How can Parents Pay for a Child’s Rehabilitation?

Parents often wonder how they can afford rehabilitation for a child, but we can bill insurance providers. Our office staff can help you complete applications for outside assistance and scholarships to offset the expense of treatment.

Where does a Person Go after Completing Treatment?

There are sober house living environments designed for our clients after they complete rehabilitation. These facilities are a great place for them to transition toward independence while making plans for the future. After your daughter comes back home, we recommend outpatient treatment in a nearby location to prevent a relapse.

Get Help for Your Daughter Today

Using drugs is dangerous for your daughter, and we recommend contacting us today to intervene. Recreational or occasional drug abuse is not acceptable because it leads to mental and physical addiction.

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