When a Loved One Has a Drug Addiction

October 24, 2016 - - 0 Comments When a Loved One Has a Drug Addiction

It can be a tough situation when you believe your spouse might be suffering from a drug addiction.  At first, you might not know the best course of action to handle the situation.  Do you act as if there isn’t a noticeable problem?  Do you speak out and say something?  Do you hold an intervention?  There are many questions that are going to present themselves, and at first, there may seem there are few if any answers to these questions at all.  You shouldn’t feel alone in these situations; drug addiction has become a growing epidemic in the United States, with nearly one in every ten Americans affected by this disease.  If anything, this number should come not only as a shock but also possibly as a symbol of reassurance in the fact that knowing that this isn’t something that you and a loved one are going through alone.  You shouldn’t feel any type of discomfiture when it comes to seeking out drug detox programs and other supportive services that a drug detox center has to offer.

When to Consider Drug Addiction Treatment Options for Your Partner

The first course of action is asking questions about your partner’s drug addiction and figuring out if drug detox and other drug detox programs should be discussed with you and your spouse.  Some questions to think about include:

  • Does your partner take the drug in larger amounts or for longer than intended?
  • Does your partner want to cut down or stop using the drug but can’t?
  • Is he or she unable to manage responsibilities at work, home, or school because of drug use?
  • Does he or she continue to use a drug, even when it causes problems in relationships?
  • Does he or she give up important social, recreational, or work-related activities because of drug use?
  • Does the person use drugs again and again, even when it puts him or her in danger?
  • Has he or she developed withdrawal symptoms, which can be relieved by taking more of the drug? (Some withdrawal symptoms can be obvious, but others can be more subtle—like irritability or nervousness.)

If a majority of these questions can be answered with a “yes”, it might be time to talk to your partner about starting a drug detox for his or her well-being and the beginning of their road to recovery.

You should always try to keep the conversation as positive as possible.  If your partner feels that it is time for them to seek help, reinforce the fact that they are brave.  It takes a lot of courage to admit when help is needed.  It has been proven that detox centers and their programs work, every day there is another person freeing themselves from the shackles of their addiction.  Keep in mind, such as many other diseases, its possible that it could take more than one attempt when undergoing treatment in order to find the best approach to your spouse’s condition, so patience must always be practiced.  Most importantly, keep reminding your spouse that you will be there for them for the entirety of their road to recovery.

What If Your Partner Seeks Help?

Even though most people would be obliged to seek treatment through the pleading of loved ones and friends, some might not be so willing.  Based on what’s presented on reality television shows that focus on drug addiction, interventions might seem like a good idea.  However, the best course of action might just be to convince your loved one to at least consider seeing a doctor or health professional, since people are more inclined to listen to the advice of medical experts.

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