What to Look for in Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers?

October 7, 2016 - , - 0 Comments What to Look for in Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers?

Each year, there is a vast number of people who enter drug and alcohol rehab. The US alone has over millions of drug and alcohol dependents aged 12 or older who needs treatment for illicit alcohol and substance abuse problem. The issue may be alarming but only about 11.2% of those who required treatment accepted it at a special facility.

One of the major problems most of those who enter rehab is having been placed in a facility and then relapsed after their treatment was accomplished. The fact is, 1 out of 10 has been returning to facilities five or more times before.

For families who has had a family member in and out of drug and alcohol treatment centers, getting the right option from a baffling diversity of various programs and distinctive promises, can free you from the costs and potential heartbreaks. So what should you look for in drug and alcohol treatment centers?

Appropriate program licensing and accreditation. This should be an important consideration before getting into a drug and alcohol treatment. A drug and alcohol rehab should primarily be accredited and licensed by the state they are in. Nonetheless, this guarantees that they program is recognized by the state and eliminates doubts of whether a program can be efficient or not.

Staff credentials. Not only should there be appropriate program licensing and accreditation, but one should also check the staff credentials. One should check to make sure that the facility is administered by licensed and well trained mental health specialists and addiction professionals.

Care quality during the program. The quality of care during the program can significantly impact the patient going through the rehabilitation. Drug and alcohol treatment centers who offer different treatment elements from assessment to the program itself and including therapy options such as experiential therapies can be a crucial component that ensures sobriety and eliminates relapses.

The program’s treatment method effectivity. Generally, a treatment facility should have statistics of their success rates, alternatively from an objective agency. This can be important as the success rates are monitored and efficiency of the treatment programs is overseen.

Aftercare and follow-up services. A rehabilitation center should also have aftercare services to prevent relapses. The question should be if there are well administered aftercare program after the rehabilitation has ended, and does it offer guidelines to other recovery assistance or support groups in the community. It is also imperative that the center participates with you to organize a discharge plan prior to leaving the program.

Looking for the appropriate treatment program

There can be various factors that can affect your decision about which treatment facility and program to go, and this can include costs associated with it, as well as, insurance coverage, the treatment philosophy and the whereabout

One important factor to consider is looking for one which is licensed by the state and is highly rated. These centers generally have admirable programs and engage the help of experienced and trained staff who can relate with their patients.

Visiting the treatment facility can help with your decision making as going through the rehab and seeing first-hand whether the facility is clean and friendly is what you need. There are people who seek help in other parts of the country mainly because they eliminate the environment which has caused their addiction in the past. One hindrance though is making plans for ongoing therapy or support in your own hometown after the treatment program has ended except if you decide to conveniently closer to the treatment facility.

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