Is It Harder For a Woman To Get Clean Than a Man?

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Some experts believe that it is more difficult for females to overcome drug addictions due to the differences in hormones. A woman’s hormones fluctuate constantly, leading to changes in the way drugs affect the mind and body. Also, women are often responsible for a home and children in addition to working a full-time job, making them feel as if seeking help for an addiction is not possible.

Types of Care Available for Female Addicts

We have detox and rehabilitation programs that are designed specifically for women. Instead of living in a facility that has both men and women, we suggest that females consider a gender-specific rehabilitation center. In these facilities, most of the counselors are also female, leading to better communication during treatment.

Will Counselors Tell Other People about a Treatment Program?

As a woman, you might have a concern about neighbors or authorities learning about your drug rehabilitation treatment. If you are a mother with minor children, then you might wonder if someone else will take custody of your children. However, your detoxification and rehabilitation are private in our facilities.

Who responds to a Woman’s Questions about Rehabilitation?

Before entering a drug addiction center, you can ask our counselors questions about your treatment. After entering a facility, you may need more information about counseling sessions or aftercare programs, and we are prepared to make you feel more comfortable.

How can a Woman Pay for Her Drug Rehabilitation?

Our intake counselors will collect your employer-sponsored or private insurance information to request reimbursement for staying in one of our rehabilitation centers. You are responsible for co-payments, but you can arrange to pay those at a later time. We also have access to private scholarships to help you overcome an addiction.

What Happens after a Woman Completes Her Rehabilitation?

Your treatment will last from 30 to 90 days, but we suggest additional treatment as an outpatient or in a sober living house. This transition phase gives you a chance to become more independent but still participate in 12-step meetings and counseling sessions.

We Can Help Women Begin a New Life

Our counselors are ready to help you begin a new life with professional counseling at a rehabilitation facility designed for women. We have drug treatment centers that are designed to help women overcome an addiction.

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