Is He Keeping You From Getting Clean?

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Relationships can be one of our greatest sources of strength, or they can be our downfall. Sometimes, this becomes most obvious when you are trying to get sober. While it sounds strange, your partner may not want you to get clean. This can be due to a variety of factors such as fear that you won’t need him anymore or that he’ll lose a partner for doing drugs. You may also struggle with getting clean due to your difficulty coping with relationship stress. If you suspect that your boyfriend is keeping you from getting clean, then here is how to find out along with how to handle the situation.

He Keeps Your Supply Stocked

Have you ever told him that you want to quit doing drugs or alcohol, and he shows up with a fresh supply? If so, then he may be sabotaging your efforts at sobriety. Whether he doesn’t want to quit himself or not, he should still respect your wishes to live in a drug-free atmosphere. If he won’t stop bringing in temptation, then it may be time to let him go.

He Discourages Sobriety

When you told him you were quitting, what was his reaction? Did he seem supportive at first, but not he has changed? Or, did he automatically taunt you and claim that you’ll never make it? Neither of these reactions are okay. During recovery, you need the support of positive-minded individuals who will continue to provide encouragement for staying sober. It’s possible that your boyfriend’s negativity is just dragging you down.

He Initiates Fights

Does your boyfriend know that you turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to escape from stress, yet he starts major fights just to get you off track? When you quit drugs or alcohol, it is important to do so in a calm environment. This is especially true during the first few weeks when you are learning how to manage cravings. Rehab programs understand this and work to provide a safe place where you can go to retreat from the stress until you regain your strength.

Ending an addiction requires focus, and it is possible that your partner is weighing you down. We understand what it is like to have someone block your way to recovery, and we can help you find a program that will provide you with the support you need for success. By making the decision to stand firm in your choice for drug-free living, you can rise above your partner’s negativity and find freedom from addiction.

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