Is Alcohol Affecting Your Daughter’s School?

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Teenage years are a discovery stage. At this age, they are entering puberty, a very confusing stage in life, learning ‘adult’ things such as driving and getting a first job, falling in love and figuring out who they are. It is during this time of trying to find themselves that teenagers also face the risk of being pressured into experimenting alcohol and drugs. Alcohol has a great effect to school going teenagers and parents need to be on the lookout. Apart from being illegal, it is also very dangerous for these young ones.

Effects of Alcohol on a Teenager

If alcohol is introduced to teenagers, it has far reaching effects and consequences. Consuming alcohol as a teenager increases the chances of becoming dependent on it. This implies that leaving the behavior even as an adult becomes a huge problem.

An young person’s brain, like the rest of his body, is developing. Alcohol interferes with this development. The result is permanent changes in their learning ability as well as their memory. Even moderate drinking can cause extensive damage to the hippocampus which is responsible for learning and remembrance in the brain. Teenagers who drink to the point of blacking out or temporarily losing their memory are likely to suffer an impairment of cognitive function.

While trying to figure out their identity, teenagers end up in different social circles some of them engage in alcohol and drug abuse. Teenagers who drink alcohol may seem ‘cool’ within their social circles, but the overall result is a messed up life and some go ahead and drop out of school.

Does it Affect School Work?

Teenagers who drink generally start neglecting school work. Thus, their grades may drop drastically due to skipping classes, oversleeping and even forgetting assignments. This is due to the fact that their focus is majorly on the alcohol and their drinking buddies. The fact that alcohol affects the brain also leads to the general decline in the grades of a teenager who abuses alcohol. Games are said to enhance memory and drinking teenagers are never interested in these, thus making their performance worse. Getting along with teachers and other students also becomes a problem.

How To Deal With It

It is highly advisable that parents introduce their children to the dangers of alcohol as early as possible especially sons, given that boys are more experimental than girls. Monitor your child’s behavior for any changes so that you can nip the behavior at the bud. It’s easier to stop a child from taking alcohol when she has just started, than when she is in too deep.

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