I Need To Go To a 28 Day Treatment Center. Will They Provide Child Care?

January 11, 2016 - , - 0 Comments I Need To Go To a 28 Day Treatment Center. Will They Provide Child Care?

Concerns about being separated from your children are normal when you are planning to go to a treatment center. Fortunately, the importance of family bonding is well understood by treatment programs, and every effort will be made to ensure that both you and your children are comfortable with the arrangements. While the specific policies regarding children may differ between facilities, you can use these strategies to find a treatment center that allows you to bring your kids along.

Benefits of Staying Together

When a parent needs to go to treatment for an extended stay, children who are able to come along tend to experience less stress. This is because family treatment centers ensure that children are actively involved in structured activities during the day, yet they are still able to connect with their parent and maintain a normal routine. Depending upon the ages of your children, they may also be involved in therapy sessions that encourage better communication skills as a family.

Consider the Ages

Before you take your children with you, it is important to consider their ages and ability to benefit from being at the treatment center. Very young children often prefer being close to their parent, and they do well at a family-focused program. Older children, however, may have school or other activities that make it more difficult to spend several weeks away from home. For those ages, you may consider having a close family member look after them while you are away. However, many school-age children thrive in a family center so it is important to carefully way the benefits of each option.

Find the Right Treatment Center

When you know that you prefer a treatment center that allows children, then it is important to inquire about the policies of the centers that are available. We can help you know which ones allow children and ensure that you find one that accepts children within your child’s age range. A quality treatment center will also be able to provide you with a general schedule of activities that your child will be involved in during your stay.

Addiction affects the entire family, and it is important to begin your recovery focused on improving the lives of everyone in your home. Keeping your kids close is important to you as a parent, and the right treatment center will have a place for everyone. As you begin to work toward sobriety, you can take your kids along on the journey that will lead to greater health and happiness for the entire family.

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