How To Talk To Your Daughter About Her Addiction

April 11, 2016 - , , , - 0 Comments How To Talk To Your Daughter About Her Addiction

If you believe that your daughter is addicted, it may be difficult as a parent to start a conversation. Although you want what is best for her, you also want to make sure that you don’t alienate her and make it harder to keep lines of communication open going forward. What is the best way to talk to your daughter about her addiction?

Come Off as an Advocate

Your daughter may recognize that she has a problem and may actually want to get help. If you come off as an advocate who has the same goal as she does, it may lead to a breakthrough. While it is hard to predict how long it would take someone to overcome an addiction, no recovery is possible unless both sides are committed to tackling the issue head on.

Talk Up the Benefits of Getting Help

You should make it clear that an addiction to drugs, alcohol or any other substance is nothing to be ashamed of. In some cases, addiction is a genetic issue, which to some degree makes it something out of your daughter’s control. However, by getting help, she can start to work through her issues, better recognize her triggers and make changes before she goes off to college or tries to find a job.

Use Leverage if Necessary

As a parent, you have a lot of leverage over your child when it comes to her getting the help that she needs. You could forbid her from seeing friends, dating or trying out for a sports team. You could also threaten to cut her off from any financial assistance that she is getting.

In some instances, you may decide to use the carrot and stick method in which she actually gets something of value in exchange for going to rehab. While you may not think that rewarding bad behavior is a good thing, whatever it takes to drive home your point is what you need to do as a parent.

As the parent of an addict, you walk a fine line. Therefore, it is critical that you check your emotions, stress the benefits of getting help and convince your daughter that you are on her side. If you can do that, she is likely to open up to you and embrace the opportunity to go to a treatment center sooner rather than later.

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