How To Know If You Are an Enabling Parent

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When you have a daughter, there is no instruction manual that tells you how to raise them. This means that you make up the rules as you go along and trust that your children turn out alright. While no parent is perfect, you don’t want to be so nice to them that you enable their addictive behavior. How do you know if you are an enabling parent?

Do You Act When You See Something Happening?

If you see your daughter stumbling home late at night or you notice that your medication is missing, what do you do? If you merely call out the behavior or don’t say anything at all, you are probably an enabler. When you child sees that there are no consequences for his or her actions, they are unlikely to stop.

Have You Set Boundaries or Limits for Your Daughter?

Believe it or not, but your daughter wants to have limits and rules. Drinking, smoking or abusing prescription pills may actually be a cry for attention. Even if you believe in letting your kids explore on their own, it may not be the best thing for them. By creating boundaries and limits, your children have a safe space in which to grow into an adult as they are ready to do so as opposed to rushing them through their childhood.

What Happens When Your Daughter Breaks the Rules?

Setting rules is just half the battle when it comes to be an effective parent. When a rule is broken, there need to be consequences for those actions. For instance, if your kid comes home after curfew or appears to have been drinking, he or she should be grounded or lose some sort of privilege for awhile. Although it may not solve the problem right away, you are doing your part to make sure that your kids make better decisions in the future.

To be a good parent, you have to be willing to guide your daughter and teach her the right way to do things. At times, your kids are going to resent and not like you. However, the worst thing that can happen is that you encourage or even enable their behavior. By being strict and setting rules today, they have a better chance of realizing their potential tomorrow.

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